CDSGF® Evaluations

"I think highly of NCCDP for it has changed my life into being a passionate dementia practitioner. If you want to be knowledgeable about Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, NCCDP is the place to go. LONG LIVE NCCDP! "
Nancy Munyoki Muli

"great material that will help you in your career. it is so important to have up to date and clear information to help others. "
Carolyn Craig

" "
Megan Doran

"Excellent seminar! The information provided was practical, useful, and enlightening. "
Cecilia Netko-Riley

"The certification PowerPoint was great. It was self-explanatory and very detailed. "
Erica Dalton

"The site is very user friendly. All the certification requirements are well outlined and the response rate from the staff is great. "
Leslie Moore

"This will be a great asset to our company. We have two dementia units and caregivers are always looking for new ways to help. "
Ovida Walden

"It (training) is of value to me because i have been wanting to run a group at some of the hospitals that i have worked at and now i can with training. "

"Great benefit for caregivers and clients. "
Diana Wilks

"Very good and informative. I especially like the examples and the different responses one can use based on particular situations. "
Kathy Staub

"I wanted to have as much knowledge and guidance as I could before I began facilitating our support group. So this certification was very important to me to feel able to do this important job. "
Mary Odom

"Everything has been easily accessible and Sandra has been walking me through the process and has been so helpful. "
Sharon Flynn

"Great information and a lot of useful tips to be applied in your everyday work "
Brittany Wentz

"Alzheimer's disease is very near and dear to my heart and I am excited to start the support group to assist my patients. "
Melissa Denham