Maintaining Caregiver Resiliency During the Covid-Era.

The year 2020 has brought us unprecedented times with the onset of Covid-19. The challenges of being a caregiver have in some cases, brought people from a crisis situation to an even more critical crisis. How do we as health care professionals provide support to the caregivers we serve? How do we assist our clientele with preserving and re-building their resilience, while at the same time maintaining our own? We are at a critical time in the health care field as we combat compassion fatigue and burnout while assisting our clients to do the same. This 3-hour live session is designed to assist us, give us practical tools, and an outlet to rejuvenate both ourselves and our client-caregivers.

Please join us for this informative online seminar with the NCCDP Co-Founder, Lynn Biot-Gordon as our host and presenter.

Go to the NCCDP SEMINARS CALENDAR and from TYPE OF SEMINAR select "Maintaining Caregiver Resiliency During the Covid-Era"

Location: Live-Online (Zoom login provided upon completion of registration)
Price: $75.00