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CADDCT Certified Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia Care Trainer seminar
Select certification to register online or download the CADDCT registration document. The document lists, price, qualifications,  general information, training products included, and certifications.

CFRDT Certified First Responder Dementia Trainer seminar
Select certification to register online or download the CFRDT application. CADDCT credential is a prerequisite. 

CCPDT Certified Correctional Personnel Dementia Trainer seminar
This seminar takes place at the correctional facility or association.

ADDC Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Seminars
This is the required seminar for those pursuing CDP certification and who qualify for CDP certification.

Select ADDC seminars taught by approved CADDCT trainers. Register directly with the CADDCT trainer. OR

Select ADDC seminars taught by NCCDP corporate staff. Register online.

Click here to view the comprehensive ADDC curriculum.

CDP Certified Dementia Practitioner
Requires completing the ADDC live seminar by a CADDCT trainer.
Open to all professionals, ancillary staff, and organizations supporting the health care industry, who qualify for certification.

CDP Grandfather option is available for those who have a Dementia certification or have completed comprehensive dementia education by a national, international organization or learning institution. This option allows you to bypass the NCCDP ADDC seminar.

ADDC CFR-DT Certified First Responder-Dementia Trained-
The ADDC First Responder seminar recommended for First Responder’s, EMT’s and 911 Operators’ Training
Select ADDC First Responder, EMT, and 911 Operator’s  training by CFRDT approved trainers
Select ADDC First Responder, EMT, and 911 Operator’s training by NCCDP Corporate staff

CDTCP Certified Dementia Trained Correctional Personnel
Requires completing the ADDC live seminar designed for Correctional Personnel by a CCPDT trainer. This seminar is generally conducted at the correctional facility.

CDCM Certified Dementia Care Manager 
Is a 3-hour online platform training. This seminar includes a memory care neighborhood policy and procedure manual. CADDCT certification is a prerequisite. This seminar is for professionals who have direct oversight over a dementia unit in an assisted living community or nursing home. 

CDSGF Certified Dementia Support Group Facilitator
Is a 3-hour online self-paced course. The ADDC seminar is required. 
Open to support group facilitators/leaders

CPCHCP Certified Personal Care Home Care Professional
This is a 30-hour online self-paced course. This seminar is recommended for all staff who work in a home care agency or hospice agency.

Two commendations for organizations that exceed state and or federal requirements.
Memory Care Neighborhood Commendation for nursing homes and assisted living communities with memory care neighborhoods (secured units).

Memory Care Home Care Commendation for home care and hospice care agencies

Speaking engagements and other topics taught by NCCDP staff

Onsite / Staff Training for corporations and associations

Corporate group discounts / Book private training

Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Staff Education Week February 14th -21
Includes many staff in-services downloads and tool kit. Available at no charge to members November 1st   to March 15th. Nonmembers may purchase the staff in-services in the store.







  • Memorial Wall - dedicated to all those who have lost a loved one to dementia.