Frequently Asked Questions.


Who Can Apply for the CDP Certification?
Answer: The CDP® certification is open to those who qualify to health care professionals, front line staff, and ancillary staff who work in private practice, nursing homes, assisted living communities, home care agencies, hospice care agencies, medical adult day care, hospitals, psychiatric communities, associations, management companies, government agencies; senior referral companies, mobile companies, churches and other companies who support the health care industry, etc. These professions include but are not limited to; Navigators, Senior Referral Specialists, Certified Senior Advisors, Alzheimer’s Whispers, Consultants, Activity Professionals, Recreation Therapists, Nurses, Nursing Assistants, Private Duty Aides, Social Workers, Physicians, State and Federal Surveyors, Administrators, Dietary Managers, Dietitians, Rehabilitation Staff, OT, PT and Speech, Dementia Unit Managers, MDS Coordinators, Art Therapists, Music Therapists, Aroma Therapists, Elder Care Attorneys, Clergy, Dementia Unit Managers, Marketing, Admission, Volunteer Directors, Executive Directors, Staff with Government agencies, Educators and others.

To qualify you must have at minimum, one year paid full time experience with an organization and completed the ADDC Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care seminar by an approved NCCDP trainer or NCCDP corporate staff.

If you are certified by another national or international organization or learning institution, NCCDP does offer a grandfather option, which will allow you to bypass the NCCDP ADDC seminar.
First Responders, Correctional Personnel and Volunteers please see the other certifications and the requirements.


Am I eligible to become a CDP?
Answer: Please go to the CDP page for more information.

How Do I apply for CDP Under the Grandfather option?
Answer: Answer: Click here to apply or click here for more information

How Do I Find the CDCM application?
Answer: click here

How Do I apply for CFRDT or CFR-DT?
Answer: click here for CFRDT and click here for CFR-DT

How Do I apply for CDSGF?
Answer: go to the CDSGF page for more info

How Do I apply for Certified Dementia Trained Correctional Personnel CDTCP?
Answer: click here

How Do I apply for Certified Correctional Personnel Dementia Trainer CCPDT?
Answer: click here.

How Do I apply for CMDCP with the International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioner?
Answer: go to

How do I obtain 10 contact hours with NCCDP Online Learning powered by NetCE?
Answer: Click here.

How long does it take to process my application?
Answer: If you apply online, your CDP application will be reviewed within 7 business days. If your application is approved, you will receive your CDP certification via email. If your application is denied or if there is information missing, the membership department will send you an email within 7 business days. 

Corporations who are investing in their staff’s dementia education and certification, may set up a corporate group (10 minimum) account. The process is fast and easy. Please email for directions. Once the account is set up, each employee will receive an email to log on to NCCDP and complete their CDP application online. Each employee will need their own unique email address either personal or business email address. Once the application is reviewed and approved, the employee and the corporate designee will both receive the CDP certification. Please contact NCCDP corporate for rates.

For all other certifications, please click on the certification and follow the directions. Most applications are reviewed within 7 business days.

Do I need a college degree to obtain certification?

Option 1: requires a license and or certification and a 4-year degree or nursing degree.
Option 3: requires a master’s degree or higher. No license or certification required.
Option 2: requires a license or certification. A college degree is not required
Option 4: does not require a license or certification. You will need a letter from your Executive Director that states the following; Per the state regulations, Your Name, does not require a license nor certification to hold the position.

What do I receive, once I am approved for certification?
Answer: You will receive a certification via email. All certified members will receive a quarterly E-Publication which is only available through the internet. You will need to make sure we have your email address. There is an additional charge for a hard copy of the certification to be mailed to you.

Who qualifies for CDCM® Certified Dementia Care Manager® Certification? 
Answer: We recommend that you download the CDCM application. You must have a 4-year college degree or LPN, LVN or RN, at minimum 3-years’ experience in a geriatric health care setting , 1-year full time experience with direct supervision of a Alzheimer’s/ dementia unit/ memory care neighborhood or special care unit and, certified or licensed in a health care profession.

What is the CDP application fee?
see fees page

How do I find my certification number?
Answer: Your certification number is emailed to you via the online renewal reminder and the renewal card that was mailed to you. It is also listed on your certification. You can also login to your account where your certification(s) and number(s) will be listed.

I have a Dementia certification from another accrediting body or national organization, is there a CDP Grandfather Option?
Answer: Yes, we offer a Grandfather Option for those who have a Dementia certification from another governing body. You do not need to take Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care seminar. You will need to provide a copy of the certification you received from the other governing body or national organization such as the National Alzheimer's Association, Alzheimer's Foundation of America, CPI.  Please note that a certificate of attendance is not a certification.

How can I get a copy of my certification?
Answer: Log into your account and click on the DOWNLOAD CERTIFICATION link on your account page. Click on the MEMBER LOGIN link at the top right of any page. If you would like to have a certification mailed to you, there is an additional fee. See fees page

The new certification I received via email is missing information, for example, the signature, what do I do?
Answer: Your printer driver or firmware could be a source of misprints or failure to print.  If you get an out of memory error, the PDF could be too large for the printer to process. Try printing to a different printer. Updating your printer driver may help.

There is a workaround if the above methods fail to resolve your PDF printing problems. With the document open, go to Print as usual. When the print options page opens up, click on the Advanced button. You will find a checkbox labeled as Print As Image. Click that box. You can also select a print resolution. 300 dpi is the default.  Click OK to close the Advanced window. Click OK in the Print window to print the PDF file.

The signature on the certification I received via email does not show up.

  • Please make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe PDF viewer or Adobe Acrobat
  • If you have Google Chrome it has a built-in PDF viewer.... try that also.
  • Have you tried printing out the certificate? Did the signature show in the printed version?

I have started the online application form. Can I return to it and complete it later?
Answer: Yes, press the SAVE button and you will be able to return to it at a later date.  However, your incomplete application will be available for only 7 days.  After 7 days, your incomplete and unpaid application will be automatically deleted. 

How often is the curriculum updated?
Answer: Every two years or as needed.

I can't find my name on the REGISTRY.
Answer: One reason you may not be able to find your name on the certification registry is that the name we have in our database is not spelled correctly. Another reason, is that you may have placed a suffix following your name when you applied for certification- which is then recorded into the database. For example, when you applied for certification, you entered your name as, John Doe III with Doe III in the last name field. If this is the case, enter Doe III when you do a search for your name in the registry. Also, instead of entering your first and last name, try doing a search with either just your first name or your last name.

I have misplaced or lost my certification, how can I get a replacement?
Answer: Log into your account and download a copy. Or, have one mailed to you for a $50.00 fee.

My Certification expired, can I renew anyways, or do I have to retake the class again?
Answer: As long as it has not been more than 4 years you can renew online. After 4 years, your name is removed from the database and you will need to retake the seminar and reapply.

How do I verify if someone is a member of NCCDP?
Answer: Please select certification and registry.


How long is the certification good for and do I have to renew.
Answer: Two years and yes you will receive a reminder notice to renew.

Do I have to submit additional CEU’s when I renew my certification in two years?
Answer: Yes. Please refer to the body of knowledge for a list of seminars and courses that the NCCDP will accept for the renewal of your certification. You will need 10 CEUs or contact hours for most certifications. Some certifications require less CEU’s or contact hours.  NCCDP accepts any health care related topic from any source including staff in-services. We do not require that you upload your hours unless you are selected for audit. We ask that you retain a copy of your contact hours or CEU’s in the event you are audited. You may want to read this article about CEU's - What Are CEU's?

Why am I unable to renew my certification online?
Answer: You have let your certification lapse for more than four years and your name has been removed from the database. You will need to retake the required course work and resubmit your application. If you are a CADDCT you will need to retake the CADDCT seminar. If you are a CDCM you will need to retake the CADDCT and the CDCM seminar.


Your name has changed and our system cannot locate you. Please fill out the contact us form for help. Members can register to access their account and make contact information changes themselves.

How Many CEU Do I Need to Renew My Certification?
Answer: CDP, CADDCT and CDCM certified members will need 10 CEU's or 10 contact hours. For other certifications, please refer to the certification page. We accept any health care related topic from any source including; conferences, seminars, in-services, magazine CEUs, Webinar, E-learning platforms, and correspondence classes as well as college courses. The NCCDP also offers CEU's. On the NCCDP website, select online learning. We also list the CMS website that has free contact hours, which we accept. If you are renewing CDCM®, you must also renew your CADDCT and CDP® certification.  All CADDCT trainers when renewing their CADDCT certification, the CDP certification is included.

Do I have to pay a late fee for renewal if not renewed on the anniversary?
Answer: Yes. A reminder card is emailed to you and mailed to your home 2 months prior to your renewal.

My corporation is paying for my staff CDP renewals, how do we go about this?
Answer: Please go to the CDP online application form. The corporation can create a corporate group (10 or more) account, add employees names to the group, and submit payment for their CDP application or renewal. If this is an individual application, you can either pay online and your company reimburse you. Or, download the renewal application and send in to NCCDP with a corporate check or credit card. Please contact for information on setting up a corporate group account and information about reduced rates for corporate groups of 10 or more. The process to set up a corporate group account is quick and easy. Once set up, each employee will log in and review online. Immediately the new certification is emailed to the corporate designee and to the employee.

I am unable to renew online either because I do not have a computer or experience technical difficulties. What should I do?
Answer: Download the renewal application and fax it to 1.973.860.2244 or you can mail it in.

When I renew my CADDCT certification, is CDP certification included? 
Answer: Yes, your CDP certification is included when you renew your CADDCT certification. Only renew your CADDCT certification. If you have received a renewal card for your CDP certification, please contact NCCDP because we have duplicate accounts set up in our system and this will need to be corrected. Contact



I recently took a seminar and the instructor is not listed as an approved instructor, can I still submit the application?
Answer: No. In order to apply for the CDP certification for those who qualify for the CDP certification, the applicant must complete the ADDC seminar by a certified CADDCT trainer.

My Dementia seminar did not include an exam. Can I still submit my seminar as part of the requirements for obtaining certification?
Answer: NCCDP does not require an exam as part of the CDP application process. However, in the state in which you work, the state regulations may require a pretest or posttest to indicate your understanding of the ADDC seminar. You will need to check with your instructor and verify if there will be a test.

For other certifications such as CPCHCP and CDSGF does require an online test in order to qualify for the credential. 

What if the instructor does not wish to have the course approved, what recourse do I have to become certified?
Answer: Each application will be reviewed on a “case by case” basis. The NCCDP will need a copy of the class certificate and information regarding the modules you completed, titles and total hours. The curriculum you completed must cover all the modules listed on the NCCDP web site. We reserve the right to not approve a CDP® application, if the applicant did not complete the Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care seminar presented by an approved NCCDP instructor. It is the responsibility of the trainer to submit the ADDC seminar to credentialing bodies for CEU approval, if they choose to do so. It is not mandatory that they do this. If the course is CEU approved by a credentialing body, this information will be noted on your seminar certificate. Example: NCAPD Provider Number z00012.

What is the Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Program?
Answer: The NCCDP offers Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer workshops for seasoned instructors and In-service directors who wish to present all-day training seminars on Dementia / Alzheimer’s Disease. The course includes the PowerPoint disk, Alzheimer’s disease Dementia Care PowerPoint Curriculum on a memory stick, master hand out a notebook, textbooks, DVD, tests, sample brochures, sample evaluations, certification as CDP®, and NCCDP instructor.

When is the next Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Program?
Answer: The Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Program is offered throughout the year and held in different parts of the country. If you are interested in the next program, please download the CADDCT registration form, view the seminar calendar, or contact us using our CONTACT US FORM. We will send you information when the location and dates have been selected. We also recommend you sign up for the E-Publication as announcements are posted in our magazine or newsletter of upcoming dates and locations.

What is included in the CADDCT Certified Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Program? 
Answer:  The cost will include the ADDC Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Power Point curriculum on memory stick, instructor manual, master student handout notebook, text books (subject to change) on environment, diagnosis, communication, public speaking, NCCDP video titled Aging and Intimacy: Staff concerns working in home care and long term care, pretest, posttest (we do not require this but the state in which you present may require a pretest posttest) sample brochure, sample sign in sheet, sample seminar certification, information on marketing, applying for CEUs, what to charge for your services, databases and certification as a CDP and CADDCT. Please select certification and CADDCT to download the registration form which will lists; price, dates, qualifications, product, times, locations, etc.

How do I find the ADDC Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care seminar?
Answer: For seminars presented by NCCDP corporate trainers or seminars presented by approved / certified CADDCT trainers, please see the seminar calendar posted on the NCCDP website. This is updated daily. For seminars presented by the NCCDP corporate staff please click here. You may also contact the corporate office at 1.877. 729. 5191, 1.973.729.6601 live help M to F  9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. EST or use the CONTACT US FORM. NCCDP can also provide private seminars to your association conference or corporation. Please contact NCCDP for rates. The certified trainers also provide private trainings and you can reach out to a CADDCT trainer near you. Only the NCCDP corporate staff can provide the CADDCT Certified Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Trainer class. If you are searching for the CADDCT seminar dates and locations, please see the calendar or download the CADDCT registration form.

How do I find a class in my area?
Answer: At click on seminars and CALENDAR. The NCCDP approved Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Trainers load seminars daily. If you do not see a seminar in your state, you may either contact the trainer listed for your state and inquire about upcoming classes. Or contact the NCCDP corporate office by using the CONTACT US FORM and inquire about the NCCDP bringing the class to you. Some of the CADDCT trainers present the ADDC seminar online. You can sort the calendar by month, state, country, trainer name, title of course and online seminars.

For the Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer class, do I need to complete the Alzheimer's disease dementia seminar prior to coming to the CADDCT class? Do I need to be a CDP® first before coming to the Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer class?
Answer: You do not need to be a CDP® nor complete the Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care seminar prior to enrolling in the CADDCT Trainer 12 hour seminar. The Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar is presented in its entirety at the Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer seminar. Upon completion of the Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer class, you will be an approved NCCDP Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT and a CDP®.

When I complete the class, does the instructor provide a certificate as proof that I completed the NCCDP Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Course?
Answer: Yes. All instructors are to provide you with a certificate of attendance. This certificate (copy) must be submitted with your online CDP® application.

What do I receive in the Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar?
Answer: Each instructor should provide the student with an Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Student Handout notebook in a binder with tabs or as a digital download. The type of notebook provided is included in the seminar advertising.

Once I complete the seminar, am I certified?
Answer: No. The instructor will hand you a document that is called a seminar certificate of completion. This is proof that you were in the ADDC seminar. Not everyone qualifies for CDP certification. If you qualify, you would upload a copy of the seminar certificate with your online CDP application. There are 4 tracks / options to follow when pursuing certification.

Do you offer Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar online?
Answer: Yes and is presented live. Please check with the trainer regarding which platform they are using. You will need a lap top with speakers and microphone. The ADDC seminar is interactive.

Is the course offered as video training.
Answer: Yes and is presented live. Please check with the trainer regarding which platform they are using. You will need a lap top with speakers and microphone. The ADDC seminar is interactive.


If, I want to be an associate member but do not wish to be certified, can I do this?
Answer: Yes. Simply fill out the membership form. We welcome associate members to our organization.

My company wishes to become a corporate sponsor, is this possible?
Answer: We welcome corporate sponsorship. Please email us by using the contact us form in confidence.


Why have you not answered my email or phone call?
Calls are returned from 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M EST Monday to Friday. We return all calls, promptly, that we receive during normal business hours. If a call comes in over the weekend we will call you back on Monday. If you do not receive a call back within several hours it is because your message was garbled, you did not leave your phone number, you did not leave your area code, you did not say your name. Please call us again at 1.973.729.6601 for a live person or  1- 877 729 5191 answering service.  International calls, please call 1.973.729.6601. Your phone call is important to us and we will make every attempt to contact you.

I have not received an email reply.
We return all e-mails promptly, Monday to Friday from 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. EST. Otherwise, if an e-mail comes in over the weekend we will respond to your inquiry on Monday. If you did not receive an e-mail response please check your SPAM folder. It may also be that your company is blocking our messages. Or the settings on your computer has blocked us. Or, the e-mail address you gave us bounced. Your communication is important to us and we will make every effort to respond to your inquiry.
To have your name, contact information and email address updated in the database please contact NCCDP.

To have your name updated in the database please contact NCCDP.


While certification promotes and maintains quality, it does not license, confer a right or privilege upon or otherwise define the qualifications of anyone in the healthcare field. NCCDP


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