Corporate Discount for Renewals.

Corporate Discount for Renewal Certifications:

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NCCDP offers corporations a corporate group (10 or more) discount for companies investing in their employee's education and CDP  initial certification and the CDP renewal certification.  In order to qualify for this major discount, the initial ADDC training must take place on-site by a certified CADDCT trainer. This can be live in person and on-site private employee training or live using a service such as ZOOM. 

The corporate group (10 or more) rate is $40.00 pp.  The individual rate is $150.00 pp. All rates are subject to change. 

The company will designate someone to be the corporate group administrator who will set up the corporate group account and pay for the corporate group account.

Once the corporate group is created, there are no refunds. The Corporate Group Administrator can add names or delete names, but you may not substitute a name. All employees will need a unique email address. This can be a personal or work email address. The work email address can not be shared with another employee. 

Once the account is created, all employees immediately receive an e-mail to log into NCCDP and complete the CDP application. 

The Corporate group administrator should notify all employees to watch for the email in their inbox or spam mail. If they do not receive the NCCDP email, please contact 

The employees have 21 business days to complete the CDP initial application. After 21 days their application account is deleted. The corporate group administrator will then need to renter the employee's name and pay for the name to be added to the group.

The employee will be asked to upload the ADDC seminar certificate of completion to their initial CDP application.  Depending on which option is selected for the initial CDP application, the employee may be asked to upload a 4-year college degree, license, certification, and or letter from the administrator. For anyone who does not have a license or certification, the administrator will need to provide a letter on company letterhead that has the administrators name, title, signature, employees name and title, and date that states, “the state regulations do not require a license nor certification to hold this position”. 

Please review the CDP application to confirm the employee qualifies for certification. We accept most healthcare-related professions. Everyone should attend the ADDC seminar but not everyone qualifies for certification. 

NCCDP does not accept the following professions,  although we have much respect for the following professions; housekeepers, laundry workers, dietary aides, bus drivers, security guards, maintenance workers, receptionists, HR staff, and Business office staff. Unless their title is universal workers. 

We also do not accept anyone convicted of a crime. There are no exceptions. 

Currently,  all certifications are emailed to the corporate group administrator and to the employee. All applications are completed online by the employee once the corporate group administrator has set up the account. 

There is an additional fee if you would like a hard copy of the CDP certification mailed via FedEx to the corporate group administrator. 

CDP Renewal:

All employees entered into the corporate group account are set up for renewal. The corporate group administrator will receive an email reminder in 22 months. At that point, the corporate group administrator will log in to pay for the group. As soon as payment is entered, employees receive an e-mail to log in to complete their renewal application. The renewal fee is $40.00 pp. Each employee will also receive an e-mail reminder to renew in 22 months. 

If the employee leaves, please delete their name from the corporate group.

Employees will need 10 contact hours in any healthcare-related topic from any source including staff in-services. At the time of renewal, NCCDP does not ask for proof of contact hours unless selected for audit. No other documents will be required at the time of renewal. 

Directions to set up a corporate group (10 or more)  account. 

Go to

  • Select certifications
  • Select CDP
  • Set up the corporate group account. 
  • The corporate group administrator will enter basic contact information. 
  • Enter the full name of each employee and the employee email address; Enter email address as Username
  • Submit payment for the group. 

If you need assistance with setting up the corporate group account, please contact membership services at 1.973.729.6601.