Our members need 10 CEU's or 10 CE's every two years to renew their CDP certification. We accept all health care related topics. If you have been approved in the past, you do not need prior approval to post the (listed below) statement in your Association state or national Conference brochure: We require a copy of the brochure in PDF format emailed to us at Please save the brochure as a PDF. If this is the first time you are seeking approval, we must see the brochure before you mail out or advertise your conference so we can check for the accuracy of the statement (listed below). Please allow 48 business hours for approval. We will also post your information on our web site for our membership awareness. We can also send your brochure via email to our membership with your approval. There are no additional fees for CEU's.

Proof of Attendance:
Our members need a certificate of attendance in order to show proof of their participation. The certificate of attendance must contain the following information: (Your organization name) is an NCCDP approved provider of (number of) CEU's. Name of conference, attendees name, date, location full address, times of presentation, instructor names, and name of the conference. As long as all this information is provided in the form used to validate their attendance at the sessions we can also accept that in lieu of a certificate of attendance (for association conferences only).
If your association is also presenting the Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care seminar, the students will need a certificate of attendance.

Our direct number is 1.973.729.6601 within the United States 
International calls 1.973.729.5191 

Please use this statement on your marketing materials, brochures, web site:
(Organization name) is a Certified Sponsor of professional continuing education with the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners and International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners for members holding certifications as CDP, CDCM, and CADDCT. CEUs can be earned by attending sessions at (Organization name) conference (date of conference and location of conference). Conference participants will be eligible to receive up to (Number of Ceus. example 12) CEUs (date of the conference). If you have questions about continuing education units please email (your email address for organization) or call (Education Chair phone number and name).


Associations seeking CE approval

We require the sign-in sheet within one week of the conference which lists the email address and the full name of attendees. Email the sign-in sheet to