2008 Testimonials.

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilled execution. It represents the wise choice of many" Author Unknown


Practitioner Definition


Dear Ms. Stimson and Ms. Biot-Gordon,

On behalf of American Senior Communities, I would like to endorse the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.

I have had the pleasure of being both a Certified Dementia Practitioner and Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer for approximately a full decade. In that time, I have used the NCCDP Alzheimer's and Dementia Education curriculum to provide training to hundreds of dementia care team members on behalf of two LTC providers; teaching others to better serve elders living with various forms of dementia with greater efficacy and compassion.

I have found this organization to act consistently with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and customer service.  Most impressive is your continued involvement in the day to day operations of the organization, Sandra and Lynn, as you continue to assist in the service of those of us offering education in the public and professional sectors, by personally answering emails, and making phone calls to provide assistance and resolve challenges as they occur.

ASC Memory Care remains steadfast in our commitment to utilizing NCCDP products, and we were pleased to add two additional Regional CADDCT's to our Home Office Memory Care Support team this past December.  We added the additional trainers so that we may better reach more of our care community team members in the service of our elders living with A.D. and related forms of dementia.  We will also be introducing the Support Group leader certification in our Memory Care Weekly Message tomorrow, 3/26/18, that will reach all our ASC Memory Care, Community, and Regional leaders within our company to encourage them to take advantage of this exciting new certification opportunity.

Thank you for the provision of your excellent dementia training curricula, and for your support of our efforts. We look forward to future and long-lasting collaborative efforts as we continue to expand our service energies across the state of Indiana, and potentially, beyond.

Most gratefully and sincerely,

Melanie K. Perry, M.S., CDP, CADDCT
Director of Memory Care Support Services
American Senior Communities 




Houston Texas
October 24th 2008
Alzheimers and Dementia seminar

"Both presenters were extremely knowledgeable about dementia care and techiques" Activity Professional

I thought the whole seminar was awesome. Great information presented. Great binder information. I learned to really apply all techiques with dealing dementia residents and multiple issues." LPN

"the personality of speakers really made the seminar very enjoyable" This was an extremely insightful seminar. I feel more capable and prepared to deal with those patients who suffer with alzheimer's" Doctor of Pharmacy

"I was pleased with learning about how to handle repetitive behavior" LPN

Train the Trainer
"This was worth the journey. Time went by quickly. Very comprehensive, concise, professional. Well organized. Impressive. The information provided validation and expansion of my experience." Ann Frazier ADC CDP Consultant Dementia With Dignity


Train the Trainer
Des Moines Iowa
September 27th 2008

"I am very impressed with how comprehensive this program. The amount of information and resources given to the class will make it easier to respond to residents in a way that is respectful, affirming and caring. I learned best practices in many areas of dementia care- such as the importance of training your staff, how to handle sensitive topics such as sexuality, diversity and end of life issues" Dee Mayfield Mayfield Healthcare Seminars

"Very comprehensive and well researched. Presenters were engaging and interesting. Each time I attend a seminar I learn a lot of new information. The Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer program is going to be a very useful tool for educating our staff on Alzheimer's disease."
Lisa Tatge BA LMSW CDP
Social Worker
Oaknoll Retirement Residence Community


"Diversity and cultural differences pleased me. We are all different why we should be treated the same." Activity Professional

"Very organized. A good refresher and very affirming to what occurs in my work place." RN

"Didn't seem long enough, subject very interesting. I learned so much, f tags, different triggers and sexual expression" RN

"Every subject was useful to further our mission. Important to continue training. Thanks for all the web sites." Activity Professional

"Great resources and will use them to subscribe to journals and order books." Activity Professional


Train the Trainer
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar
Presented in Greenbelt Maryland
August 19th 2008
Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW

"Unique approach to dementia training with special focus on risk management, family support, staff interventions and insights. This seminar is well presented as it keep you awake and thinking how to implement this information into your facility to enable staff to be their best."

Kathleen Grahm Frey MA CTRS NHA/L CDP Approved NCCDP Instructor

"This seminar was informative and entertaining. I especially enjoyed the way the speaker's shared their personal experiences related to the information presented. I also enjoyed the humanistic and spiritual approach.  I specifically learned the disease process and interventions to manage residents and care givers." Social Worker

"The materials were well presented. The speaker's knowledgeable about their materials. I learned how to take care of alzheimer's residents'" RN

"All topics were very interesting and informative. Everything that was discussed is really applicable to the job" RN

"Very well presented and adapted to teaching this material to staff and beyond. This put a different light on subjects of diversity, staff attitudes and elopement and risk management." Nursing Home Administrator

"Well Done! I was pleased with the communication section. Every dementia patient is unique and should be treated as such is what I learned." RN

"The presenters were well informed and knowledgeable, very interactive program. I learned to take time care for self more, cultural diversity and need to educate the staff more on this topic." RN DON

"All information excellent.!!!!!" Activity Professional

"Immensely pleased with the entire presentation as it relates to content. The content maintained my interest as well as provided rejuvenation to provide therapeutic recreation service. I learned the progression of the disease process, interventions to slow the disease process." Therapeutic Recreation

"This was an excellent program and could be a two day program. You validated and confirmed information related to dementia. Thank you!" Social Worker / RN

"The whole seminar was well done. I learned new ideas." Social Worker

"I learned F Tags 323 and 248 and i was impressed with the instructors experience and knowledge. I learned to be more aware of myself" RN

"Both speakers were well prepared for the presentation. They both made the educational interesting while entertaining.  This seminar increased my understanding of working with dementia patients and their families." Social Worker

"Seminar was exceptional. I believe 8 hours is quite ling for information to be presented. Good overview of dementia and types." Social Worker


NCCDP Alzheimer's and Dementia Training and Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Seminar
Las Vegas
July 19th 2008
Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Seminar

"I really enjoyed the stories, it made the presentation enjoyable and information more applicable. I learned about available resources and how I can relay this to my facility. I learned how i can implement positive changes to my Alzheimer's locked unit."  Sona Bhatia California. Nursing Home Administrator

Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar

"Casual style interactions, thoroughness was excellent. One of the best seminars I have ever been to. Thank you, Interventions for agitation and aggressive behaviors was specifically what i will apply in my job." RN

"I was impressed by the knowledge and suggestions for interventions for behaviors" CNA

"Good supply of resources, up beat presentation. Programs and practices that will enhance the lives of our residents and family members." LPN

"New knowledge of dementia care and assisting families and helping staff is what i learned." Social Worker

"I learned alot about Alzheimer's dementia that I did not know. I learned the fact that if they are final stage of Alzheimer's that don't just take them for socialization have specific sensory programs for them." Activity professional.

"Thank you it was well worth it, was reaffirming in what knowledge I have and added to my store of knowledge. I learned that certification is available and that I might be able to advance my career with Train the Trainer." Nursing Home Administrator

"I learned areas of elopement behavior, suggestions for unit enhancement and staff training and will incorporate many ideas into our locked facility." RN

"Best seminar that i ever attended. I learned how to better care for dementia residents." Social Worker

"The notebook was good. I learned good reminders about best practice." Social Worker

"Lynn was fantastic. She made listening and learning enjoyable, especially the samples and examples she used. I learned about numerous resources and magazines and books available." Social Worker

"I learned about all the resources, web sites to assist locked units to improve quality of care." RN   


New York Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Program
Billy Jean Obrien RN MSN, LNHA, CALA, CDP
Regional Director
OMNI Health Systems of New Jersey

"This course was the most informative and comprehensive program on Alzheimer's and dementia that I have attended. It was wonderful.  I will apply all aspects of care related to Alzheimer and Dementia residents that i learned from this seminar. The information on End Stage of Life was also applicable to all residents." 


July 2008
Dear Sandra and Lynn Just a note to thank you for a wonderful experience with you in Philadelphia. You both are a great blessing for our senior population. I appreciate all you are doing for the elders. Chris Heilmeier.


May 17th 2008
Oklahoma Training
Instructor: Melva Noakes
Alzheimer's and Dementia Training Comments


"I was pleased with the entire seminar"

"I enjoyed it all. I learned a lot of things that I didn't know and learned more about things i already know. I learned more about Alzheimer's and dementia. It will greatly apply to my job and duties and the people i help." Nurses Aide

"The knowledge of the disease and things I can do to make the person happier and more comfortable. I learned that attitude and tone of voice will be a better way to deal with some of my clients."

"I enjoyed it all. I got lots of ideas for how to do things differently and better." Social Worker

"I enjoyed learning more and the different perspective of everyday activities. I got good ideas to use to help make the patients feel better about themselves." Activity Professional

"Glad to have all the written information to use with our staff. I learned how to help staff understand the limitations of the participants." RN 

"I enjoyed all of the seminar. I learned a lot of things i didn't know. I enjoyed learning about different activities and just keep them happy, like I always do." Nurses Aide 

To Whom It May Concern

I wanted to take the time and commend Jennifer Krupa, an  approved NCCDP Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT, for the outstanding training we provided to our nurses and nursing assistants at Altenheim Senior Living Community on February 20th 2008. Our staff has grown from the education.


Lori Presser ADC CDP STNA
Resident Director for Shurmer Place at Altenheim
Altenheim Campus Marketing Director
www.altenheim.com 440 238 3361 


Philadelphia June 18th 2008

I really enjoyed the Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer classes last week and appreciate all your hard work and efforts that went into that. Thanks again,
Sherry McCabe RN CDP
Director of Staff Development & Education
Employee Health Nurse Exposure
Officer Valley View Nursing Center


Thank you for a wonderful training on Dementia that was held in September. I found it very helpful in my work. Dr. Joan Kakascik Psychologist


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer and Certified Dementia Care Manager Course
Philadelphia June 18th and 19th 2008

The seminar was great and it will help other family, care givers to understand dementia and Alzheimer's better. I will apply this knowledge to family, care givers and nursing homes. 

Kimberly A. Bradley BA MSW CSW CDP CDCM

The course was very detailed and addressed issues with Dementia other seminars gloss over, such as Sexuality and family interactions. I got a very in-depth detailed description of how to care for the whole person who has dementia which will make it so much easier to break it down for my staff. There wasn't just the usual focus on behaviors that you get at other seminars. 

Hillary Butts CTRS CDP CDCM. Dementia Unit Manager. UPMC Canterbury Place

Great resources and the materials will be great for using when training. Chris Heilmeier RN MSN CDP, St. Mary's Nursing Center 

The speakers were both very good! Held my attention. The day went extremely fast. Got loads of materials. Many ideas written down and I will be taking information back to my facility to train our staff. Sharon L. McCabe RN CDP CDCM, Valley View Nursing Center

I enjoyed the person experiences. I learned about speaking and marketing. Sharon Smith LPN, CDP CDCM


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar
June 18th 2008

Great materials, lots of references and ideas that were made available to us.  I learned newer information about activities with dementia residents was very helpful, also learned how to become certified and increase education and awareness in the healthcare field.  Social Worker

Lots of good information and presented well. Good resources for activities. Activity professional

Lynn was a great speaker and good listener when someone had a question. Activity professional

It was encouraging to learn that there are ways to do things better and how far behind my facility is in this aspect and  how I could help improve peoples lives by making even small changes. I learned many new ideas and approaches that I can bring back to my facility.  Thank you! Social Worker

I really enjoyed the stories. It reminds us we are all in the same boat. I learned that the assessment process to always check for depression first, also some good tips for decreasing wandering triggers.  RN

Pleased to have a seminar offered closer to home.  This seminar increased my knowledge in dementia and i need to update my facility with the changes in dementia care. Activity Professional

Loved the personal professional styles of both presenters.  Several concepts and strategies that could be helpful to my CNAS and the families and NH staff who are primary caregivers.

Licensed Professional Counselor

Interesting examples and personal stories were very helpful.  I'm a staff developer and will use this in my training's.  RN

Lynn was excellent and connected with her audience and great in dealing with the material.

I learned a closer review of own facility policies and procedures, increase education for line staff providing care.  Assisted Living Administrator.     



Spring Hills at Somerset Assisted Living
Somerset NJ
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care 8 hour Staff Training

" I learned when you have met one dementia resident, you met only one and to deal with each resident individually" LPN

"All parts of the seminar was clearly explained well". LPN

"I learned to try different approaches to religions and culture in dementia care". Counselor

"I learned to be more competent to work on the dementia unit". Nursing Assistant

"Basically the seminar was very informative and i enjoyed it." Nurses Aid

"I learned so much about dementia that i can use every day." Nurses Aid

"All aspects of seminar pleased me." Nurses Aid

"Good seminar, new audio and visual material was great, especially the validation video." Activity Professional.   


New York State ADHCC Annual Spring Conference:
Topic: Developing Self Esteem and Wellness Programs
Topic: How to Deal with Combative and Aggressive Behaviors
Date: April 2nd 2008
Speaker: Sandra Stimson CADDCT CALA, ADC, CDP

"Thank you for the in-service material and i would love to have my whole staff present for this seminar, great job" RN

"I learned that I need to keep vigilant with my staff in the areas reiterated today, thank you!" RN 

"Good Ideas for Programs I haven't tried" Activity Professional

"I learned to use tools to raise self esteem" RN

"she knew her subject" Administrator

"Great resources" RN

"Nice packet of information" Social Worker

"I have many MRDD clients that this information pertains to" RN

"Great tools to take back to staff" RN

"Provided essential information" RN

"Information was good" RN

"Excellent ideas for activities" RN

"I liked the ideas of care planning self esteem and would like to do self esteem screens in my program and then utilize programs shown to develop self esteem" RN

"Great Ideas and great hand outs" Social Worker

"new ideas helped" LPN

"I was pleased with all information provided" RN

"I learned how to deal with participants with dementia who have behavioral problems." RN

"I liked the in-service idea and books and good resources" Director of ADC

"All very interesting" LPN

"provided endless possibilities to use in my day program" Therapeutic Recreation

"I was pleased with appropriate interventions and techniques and suggestions for alternative activities" ADHC Director

"Overall program as terrific" RN

"Will go back with renewed vigor to implement your suggestions" RN

"Sandra had an engaging personality and provided lots of information" Social Worker


Certified Dementia Care Manager and Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Course
Orlando Florida 4/23/08

"I loved this seminar. The instructors were extremely knowledgable and interesting. The content and presentations was excellent. Both Lynn and Sandra were very personable and easy to talk to. They made this experience very rewarding. I am confident that i will be able to present this program because I know that I will have them as a resource and support when needed.  I learned of more wander / elopement prevention programs and approaches. Also about enhanced activities more appropriate for dementia residents as well as tips /ideas and how to create / maintain a therapeutic environment for dementia patients. Really I learned so much. I plan to bring this program to my facility and restructure and manage and oversee our dementia unit to assure we are practicing best standards at our facility.    

Michelle Brady Director of In-service education St. Catherine of Siena

"I can't wait to start teaching this class, I loved the stories."

Carol Neil RN, MSN

Administrator Hope Adult Medical Day Care

"It was all very motivational and confirmed my concepts I try to follow.  I learned about validation therapy and sexuality and how to handle. 

Janet Renkiewcz Horizonvue Community Manager (Dementia Unit) Granvue Medical Care Facility

"It was clear and well prepared course. My knowledge of the class is so much better. I feel well prepared to train." Melva Noakes Administrator Comfort Living Services

"I enjoyed the flow of the course. I felt all aspects were beneficial and as a young health care professional this course really increased my knowledge. I feel learning how to calm residents in periods of agitation, was particularly helpful and will benefit the staff when i train as well as my self."

Megan Cook Director of Social Services  The Waterfod


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar
April 23rd 2008
Orlando Florida

"I will address my staff to treat members accordingly." Activity Professional

"Nothing disappointed me about this class. Really enjoyed the class and learned a lot" LPN

"For participants attending would like a longer break time to check out of hotel" Social Worker

"Facilities need to be more forward on dementia training and encourage staff to think outside the box vs just teaching state mandated course. Every facility should do this course." Social Worker

"Enjoyed all the topics discussed. Very informative and practical application." RN

"So many good ideas, techniques to deal with dementia resident. Can't wait to in service my staff and provide information on communication and validation techniques." RN

"Speakers made presentation especially interesting. Depression may mask dementia is something i learned. I will remind my staff members of the importance of knowing the resident" Staff Development Coordinator

"New approaches to teaching CNAs who work on the dementia unit." RN

"This course beneficial to health care givers" RN Education

"The content was very broad, lots of diversity and i was immensely impressed." LPN

"As i direct my aspect of teaching so the dementia patient can stay at home, my primary focus is the caregiver and keeping them out of the grave, the avenues of information that were opened up to be was phenom!!!" RN

"Speakers content was wonderful." Social Worker 

"They provided us with material that is useful and can be used. I like the activity calendar ideas and dining programs materials. "Activity Professional / Social Worker

"I really thought the example of a systematic search for residents and having a grid of the building was very helpful and will take this back to my facility. I really enjoyed the Quality Assurance suggestion on the noise level for the locked unit. I also took the suggestion of eliminating ball toss from the activity calendar" Activity Professional

"I learned new tools to deliver better care" Activity Professional

"Refreshing and positive. I work on an Alzheimer's unit for almost 6 years and I learned a lot" LPN 

"All great, so much information, so little time. I learned impact of residents with dementia and communication." RN

"I enjoyed your stories as life experience is truly what it is all about.  I think i will use your ideas in this area or individuality. Administrator.

"I enjoyed the class and it was educational and informative. It gave me real life examples. Enjoyed the information and plan to share with my staff." CTRS   


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar February 12 2008
New Jersey Training
NCCDP Executive Trainers
Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW
Sandra Stimson CDP, CALA, ADC

Train the Trainers:

"I was extremely pleased with the entire set up. All information will be great at my facility and as my facility dementia unit is in the construction phase"  Cheryl Golden

"This course cemented information and verified information that had been learned before" Karen Baranauskor

"I thought today would go very slowly but It did not. The presenters kept me interested.  This seminar refreshed my memory of the things i knew and I am looking forward to educate my staff through inservices" Shannon Birn

"I enjoyed everything very much."  Learned some great ideas on presenting each topic" Nellie Stolarz


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar February 12th 2008

"I learned interventions using validation therapy and was pleased with the materials and resources given and shown."

"Great source of information, great speakers and i will share with staff and administration."

"I felt all aspects of the seminar were important and interesting and well presented. I would recommend this to all my colleagues, and will enforce routine on my floor daily, and the information provided on safety devices not available in america was interesting."

"Everything was well presented and educational."

"Most seminars usually deal with nursing and enjoyed area on activities and nutrition and also loved resource sites."

"I learned the importance of having a policy for dementia unit during a fire drill and monitoring doors, and not having tray service for meals."

"I got great ideas for staff meetings."

"I thought switching back and forth between presenters was great as each had their own style. The material was presented in a well organized easy to understand  manner and questions were welcomed"

"Several resources were cited which will be helpful. I learned different techniques for dealing with dementia behavior which will use with dealing with my residents."

"The information i received today, will help me to do Alzheimer's training in my facility this year."

"Very well organized presentation, from Power point to the communication video to the binders, educators dynamic and very informative, resources were wonderful"

"Not enough time to take notes from power point"

"I learned the importance of therapeutic team approach on a dementia unit"

"I learned more about wandering"

"The material was well presented, so much today, as a result i will share with my co workers this information."

"Thank you for giving me ways to deal with repetitive questions, especially ones dealing with , "where's my husband?"

"I felt this seminar was very informative, it was done creatively and it was well organized, i also learned how to educate my staff and family members about dementia care especially validation vs reality."

"Great illustrations, many great ideas for activity interventions and hydration issues."

"The seminar moved at a fast pace, some additional time for exchanging idea with other participants and the presenters would be appreciated."

"I learned how to address resident needs specific to alzheimer's dementia."

"Material was very educational, speakers were very informative, sessions very long but well worth it, and i will be able to bring this back to speak with assistants about dementia."

"I can't wait to apply to be a CDP"

"Very detailed program, best i've been to in a long time and i'll be using a lot of today's program where i work."

"The nutritional part was good and informational"

"Everything was excellent and i am going to take the next Train the Trainer class"