2009 Testimonials.

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilled execution. It represents the wise choice of many" Author Unknown


Practitioner Definition


Dear Ms. Stimson and Ms. Biot-Gordon,

On behalf of American Senior Communities, I would like to endorse the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.

I have had the pleasure of being both a Certified Dementia Practitioner and Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer for approximately a full decade. In that time, I have used the NCCDP Alzheimer's and Dementia Education curriculum to provide training to hundreds of dementia care team members on behalf of two LTC providers; teaching others to better serve elders living with various forms of dementia with greater efficacy and compassion.

I have found this organization to act consistently with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and customer service.  Most impressive is your continued involvement in the day to day operations of the organization, Sandra and Lynn, as you continue to assist in the service of those of us offering education in the public and professional sectors, by personally answering emails, and making phone calls to provide assistance and resolve challenges as they occur.

ASC Memory Care remains steadfast in our commitment to utilizing NCCDP products, and we were pleased to add two additional Regional CADDCT's to our Home Office Memory Care Support team this past December.  We added the additional trainers so that we may better reach more of our care community team members in the service of our elders living with A.D. and related forms of dementia.  We will also be introducing the Support Group leader certification in our Memory Care Weekly Message tomorrow, 3/26/18, that will reach all our ASC Memory Care, Community, and Regional leaders within our company to encourage them to take advantage of this exciting new certification opportunity.

Thank you for the provision of your excellent dementia training curricula, and for your support of our efforts. We look forward to future and long-lasting collaborative efforts as we continue to expand our service energies across the state of Indiana, and potentially, beyond.

Most gratefully and sincerely,

Melanie K. Perry, M.S., CDP, CADDCT
Director of Memory Care Support Services
American Senior Communities 




Life Care Center's of America
Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Private Training
December 1st 2009
Cleveland TN

"Very pleased with speakers. They were very knowledgeable of subject. I learned how to educate associates regarding dementia. Especially knowing the resident as an individual. Support and education of family members, develop dementia programs in facilitates."

Wanda Hall RN 

"Every aspect of the seminar included content that was very valuable. The practical application as well as the foundations of dealing with cognitively impaired patients were of tremendous value."

Leigh Mayberry RN CDP Director of Program Development

"I particularly liked how the material presented was delivered, understandable and realistic approach to implementation. I would like to see more on dysphasia with Alzheimer's population. I specifically liked the new resources provided and the care planning guidelines addressing behavior and intervention specific to each individual. I will apply this as I travel around to all our facilities and educate our associates. Camilla Baughman MS NHA SLP CDP Senior Vice President of Operations. 

"I loved the class and learned a great deal. I learned how to care for our resident's who have dementia. I loved walking away with so many resources."

Jennie McClaren SPHR CDP Sr. Vice President of Human Resources

"I am pleased the trainers had actual "real life" experience and could personally relate. Great resources to compliment the training."

Peg Kennedy RN BSN CDP Vice president of Human Resources 

"Very valuable to all touching the lives of dementia and Alzheimer's disease patients. Great resources. The world vision to include and learn from each other. The overall well being of the spiritual being and individual that we work with through the last part of their journey through life.

Antoinette Meulke, OTR/L Vice President Rehab Practice Standards for LCCA

"The course was very interesting and I am looking forward to passing it forward. I learned the resident communication skills and what the words she uses and back to basic instincts."

Denise Patterson RN CDP Regional Director of Clinical Services

"The handouts and power points will be helpful when training the facility staff. The information related to sexuality and the elderly was an eye opener."

Sharon Watkins RN BSN CDP Easter Division of Clinical Services

"I was very pleased of the real life examples on different topics. I received a lot of tools

"Excellent format and clear concise information. No disappointments. I learned about dementia and depression, caring for the caregiver, symptom management. to improve our facility's dementia program, educate our staff, improve our resident's quality of life."

Sharon Wilfrod RN PhD CDP Director of Training and Education

"Excellent presentation that provided plenty of resources for educating staff on the knowledge skills and practice for providing care to resident's. I learned how to teach and educate staff who provide care for dementia residents in an organized and concise manner."

Maryann Kobinski RN BSN CDP Director of Regulation Compliance

"Well organized and fast pace. I learned about environmental changes to meet the needs of dementia residents."

Vinita Lung RN NHA CDP . Event MGT Specialist

"I liked how they tackled a lot of issues that are prevalent on a dementia unit. I learned about new goals and ideas in implementing a quality activity program that is adaptive."

Andy DaSonza ADC CDP Activity Director

"I am pleased that this seminar involved all aspects of care from CNA to activities to dietary. The class was wonderfully taught on an appropriate level. I am new to long term care and never had trouble keeping up. Being the educator at the facility where I work, I intend to take back all that was learned and focus on department heads. We are a relatively new facility and this training will give us a wonderful heard start, than focus on our hands on staff."

Jessica Brooks RN CDP Staff Development coordinator

"Excellent hand outs that are very thorough and easy to understand. Each speaker presented with excellent examples. I learned extensive symptoms on dementia and ways to prevent increased agitation. How to assist care givers to maintain their health and well being. I learned how similar the signs and symptoms are for dementia and depression. I will use for training staff."

Janet Kay Frazier RN CDP Director of Clinical / Quality

"I liked the thorough knowledge of the speakers. the resources and references given to us. I learned a more thorough awareness of all aspects of dementia care."

Susan Selzer RN CDP Director of Clinical Compliance   

"Great information was presented but would have liked to have seen more specific examples of care scenarios and strategies. Good information about communication needs and strategies for residents, staff and family members."

Brad Petty PT RSM CDP

"It was great to have a seminar that addressed issues that health care workers deal with in LTC along with solutions to issues. I learned some interesting facts about dementia and how to address issues with family members as well as the residents."

Glenda Lambon CDP Director of Event Management

"I was very pleased with the presentation of the program from Chapter 1 to Chapter 13. It really helped me to understand more regarding the dementia disease and how I could better serve my residents. I learned to utilize the "team" which includes myself, the resident, resident's family, associates and not just the direct care givers, the house keepers, maintenance workers, dietary workers, etc."

Michelle Magwood LPN CDP Unit Manager

"I was very pleased with the wealth of information and real life experiences that the speakers had. I learned about dementia and how to recognize it and how to care for a resident with dementia as well as treat each resident as an individual."

Jill Saisha RN LDP CDP Director of Nursing

"Every aspect of this seminar was great. I am glad I came. I learned something from every subject discussed."

Sharron Williams RN BSN CDP

"This course emphasizes our highest priority-our residents! I learned new ways to educate staff and families about our resident's with dementia in order for them to establish and maintain meaningful relationships."

Sara Watson MA CCC-SLP CDP Speech Language Pathologist

"The entire seminar was great. Furthered my Alzheimer's and dementia knowledge."

William Bosak BSHA MBA CDP

"I enjoyed all aspects of this training. The trainers presented the information in a comprehensive and fun way. I gained more in depth knowledge about Alzheimer's disease and dementia care. I will use the knowledge to help my associates better understand the dementia process."

Hollie North NHA CDP Nursing Home Administrator

"The speakers were very knowledgeable and I appreciated the passion they have for residents with dementia."

Tina Ray RN  CDP Director of Clinical Compliance

"I was pleased with the resources, inspirational speakers. Overall this training was like a piece of art, interesting, colorful, passionate and really struck a deep cord with me. I learned how to teach and train dementia care.

Carol Mcalpin RN Rus CDP 



Train the Trainer
North Carolina 11/17/2009

"The overall presentation was very informative. I learned how to effectively manage the care of clients with dementia and alzheimer's."
Brenda White BSN RN CDP

"Content was very well organized. The information on sexuality and intimacy will be very beneficial when doing staff education. I really enjoyed the personal interaction from the speakers. The module on diversity and cultural competence was beneficial in that I learned that there is so much more involved than race, religion, etc. "
Bonnie Heller RN BC CDP
Westminster Canterbury Lynchburg

"I felt the seminar offered the participant a vast wealth of informative techniques and knowledge to utilize in their employment areas resulting in increase quality for for the dementia clients and self confidence in applying knowledge based concepts. It's hard to identify just one technique but I loved all of it,especially with respect to diversity, culture, spiritual and end of life issues "
Carol Benetti RN MSSW CDP


Las Vegas, NV
Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Seminar
November 11, 2009

"The seminar was very comprehensive, instructive and relevant to all health care settings which house residents with dementia.  I learned valuable information about specific activities for activities groups."

Debbie Ricker, CDP, OTR/L

Regional Rehab Director

Life Care Centers of America

"Each segment was well documented and presented with relevant and practical research and hands on examples.  I will apply all facets of the Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Training in my role as an Activity Professional. Absolutely wonderful, thank you!"

Activity Professional


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer and Dementia Manger Seminar
October 13, 2009
Little Flower Manor
Wilkes Barre, PA


"A very complete training containing information that can be used in all aspects of dementia care"
Sr. Diedre Ferguson RN

Mission  Effectiveness Coordinator

"I was very impressed with the realistic and human approaches to Alzheimer's residents.  I learned we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.  We are all part of a system that no one really understands, but needs special people to participate."

Mark Blessing RN

Director of Staff Development

"Both speakers demonstrated knowledge and expertise on present subject.  The materials obtained are exceptional and cause for further education to be provided to our nursing staff."

Tracy Bonk RN


"I learned that I really needed this course in increase my own knowledge base.  There was so much information I was not aware of.  The presenters knew the information and I was impressed with this program"

Activity Professional


Alzhimer's and Dementia Seminar
September 30, 2009
San Diego, California

"The information regarding dementia and sexuality provided important information on how to cope and educate residents and their families is very applicable.  The modules on hoarding and wandering information is extremely valuable and rarely addressed in other in-services.  Great resources and handouts were provided.  Thanks!  "

Dana A. Dunbar, Progressive Clinical Consulting, Occupational Therapist/Rehab Director Dementia Unit Manager

"I was very satisfied with the content of the training.  I learned may new things I will implement into my training program.  Delicate subjects are handled with the best of taste.  Stellar training!  I learned how to train caregivers and family members to do a thorough assessment of the resident in order to rule out possible medical or emotional disorders that can lead to unusual behaviors."

Alma Ruth Jay LVN, CDP
Alzhiemer Deisease and Dementia Training Instructor

"I enjoyed the whole presentation with its real and excellent experiences."


"I enjoyed and felt enriched by the entire program.  I learned behavior modification can be used to possibly lessen unwanted behaviors.  I will be mindful of possible triggers and keep an eye open for possible redirection and validation."

Activity Professional

"A wonderful learning experience.  The seminar provides a good learning tool for our Dementia/Alzhiemer's Unit."

Activity Professional

"The seminar was to the point and held my interest.  Great information on how to make my facility better geared for dementia patients."


"I learned aggression could be caused by depression!"


"The additional assessment skills, web sites and resource information is very valuable in assisting with the care provided in my facility.  Good suggestions for protecting resident from eloping and finding them in case elopement."


I was particularly pleased with the skills provided for approaching residents and having a deeper understanding for dementia patients"

Activity Professional

"Everything was extremely informative and I greatly appreciated the whole seminar.  It made clear the importance of having a better trained staff"

Psychologist and Program Director for ADHC


Train the Trainer
Maritime Institute
October 28 2009

Lauren Fitzmorris Administrator
"As an instructor, I found the NCCDP training to be comprehensive and profoundly relevant. The seminar curriculum has greatly enhanced my knowledge base and confidence in my practitioner skills. The overview of best practices in the area of dementia care as it relates to developing care plans, interventions and program developement. I will integrate into my own professional practice.

Alzheimers and Dementia Seminar
October 28 2009
Maritime Institute
"Todo El Seminar Fue Faguloso" activity professional

"Extremely knowledgable speakers. I learned something new from each chapter. "Therapeutic Recreation

"loved the whole program. I liked everything. Thank you so much.
Enjoyed the whole day. Keep up the good work." activity professional

"Pleased with the information shared. I
will be able to share information with collegues and staff." Adult Day Program Administrator

"Very informative about what Dementia is and how it effects a person."
Activity Professional

"Thrilled with the information that was presented. Thank you! It was a great day! I learned to look at dementia symptoms more closely while being more aware of how to communicate better with clients and caregivers." RN

" The seminar was really great. I learned how the staff should answer the residents." activity professional


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Seminar
Certified Dementia Care Manager Seminar
Orlando Florida
August 20 2009

"liked very the wandering kits, nutrition tools, activity programs suggestions, Alzheimer's activity calendars. I was very pleased with the different assessment tools to establish a base line upon admission and for annual review of resident's cognitive abilities. I learned specifically about policy for reverse able dementia, nutrition / menu items, implementing these into programming that wills make a difference for other communities. The wandering and elopement kit and grid for inside and outside of community to effectively train staff. I learned about activity programming, life skills station and setting up resident to succeed in daily activities."

Vice President, Senior Living Communities, Florida     


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar
August 20 2009
Orlando Florida

"Everything was great! You provided me with information that I can share and use in my facility. The information learned about hydration and nutrition was helpful. Sensory room information was also helpful" Speech Language Pathologist.

"The information about healthier food choices with more protein for breakfast and snacks was helpful.  The information regarding sexuality, addictions and legal aspects was also valuable.  I increased my knowledge of validation therapy, triggers and caregiver education and will apply this to my practice."

Registered Nurse

"Your information on web site is so helpful.  The speakers were great!  The seminar contained information in extensive intervention on elopement which we can use in our own locked unit."

Registered Nurse

"I was very pleased with web site and provided reference material.  The information regarding elopement was excellent"

Professional Guardian and Certified Activity Director

"I learned about lots of resources for use at our facility including books, magazines and web sites"

Therapeutic Recreation

"Wonderfully presented, a must do for all hand on clinicians.  It brought to my attention the need or immediate up to date education for my clinical staff"

Registered Nurse

"I will use what I learned to set up new programs for our dementia unit".

Assisted Living Administrator

"I learned a great deal and came away with lots of new ideas."

Activity Professional

"All was excellent.  I appreciated the professionalism of both presenters and their breath of knowledge, especially in available resources including books and magazines"

Geriatric Care Manger


Train the Trainer
Alzheimers dementia seminar
August 11 2009

all was great! Nothing disappointed me with Sandra and Lynn. My brain is a sponge absorbing the whole seminar. I learned to listen and make sure students understand the needs of person talking to, I learned good communication skills.
Barbara Rimorin CALA CDP
Nccdp approved instructor

"wish there was more time. Information was excellent" RN "wide range of information was presented." Activity Professional "I learned that caregivers should be trained." CTRS "awesome presentation" social worker "very pleased over the way the presentation was delivered. It kept my attention. Instructors provided many ideas for dealing with activity issues and nutrition concerns." RN "I liked all the resources."CTRS "seminar was informative. I learned about ideas from around the world"

"I apreciate the huge binder of information that can provide as a reference for the present and future. I am looking forward to researching the web site and suggested materials and reading.
Absolutely helpful!" CTRS

"taught me that some of the TR practices at my facility need to be updated and gave me some new ideas for activities. I will talk to my supervisor about these things." CTRS "a very good seminar" activity professional


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer & Certified Dementia Care Manager Course
June 15th 2009
Indianapolis IN

"The seminar provided so many resources and free materials that i am eager to share and use. Fantastic materials. Also the continued updates in the our ever changing field will vary, this was honest and direct. I appreciated that. What stands out is the value and need for knowing the person's history, preferences, routines and accomplishments, culture and differences that will either cause or calm behavior  depending  on specific approach and care planning." Joni Barrie Hoffman CDP CDCM Quality of Life Consultant Golden Living  

"I appreciated the updated and vast amounts of knowledge and resources that were provided as a part of this seminar. I learned about the international resources available to further our dementia care practices. I will be pleased to offer this information to our campus and memory care leaders. " Corporate Memory Care Support Leader


Alzheimer's and Dementia Training
June 15th 2009
Indianapolis IN

"Great Job. I appreciate the information, helped to confirm what I am teaching in my homes is right and i learned a bit too." Director of Clinical Program

" I was pleased with the part on cultural assessment. I will apply the information on wandering kits, ideas about wandering and different web sites. " Activity Professional

"I enjoyed all of it. I was sad it was one day. I learned how to better train our staff on how to care for our dementia population." LPN


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar
Pembrooke Nursing and Rehab Center
May 6 2009
Instructors: Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP

"very interesting and very informative. Overall very good seminar. RN

"I enjoyed the real life stories about residents. I learned about new technology evolving in nursing homes." CNA

"Everything interesting" LPN

"Very interesting and kept my attention." LPN

"lots of new perspectives and precautions i hadn't considered. I am excited to take this information back to my facility to teach and brain storm with my staff on ways to enhance our programs." Nursing Home Administrator

"It was great. It refreshed some old ideas and some new key ideas on hydration, medications, wandering and sexuality." Nursing Home Administrator

"I thought the presentation were phenominal. Spoke on a level that everyone could understand." RN Corporate Nurse

"All information was very interesting and informative. I learned quite a lot, to much to recount but I took lots of notes." Activity Professional       

"I was pleased with the whole thing overall. I learned about activities such as not using balloons and ball toss." Activity Professional

"The hand out binder was full of information and very helpful. I liked all the literature that was passed around. I will communicate with families more about dementia alzheimer's and provide articles from the binder. " Social Worker.    

"Good information and i have a better understanding of different stages of dementia and possible causes. " Activity professional.

"I learned not to use reality orientation." Nurses Aide

"To be able to interact with resident and show them that they are wanted, needed and most important loved. " Nurses Aide

"Nothing was disappointing but a wonderful presentation and it was well digested. I learned about elopement, sexuality, communication and family interaction." LPN

"I learned about interventions in dementia care. I learned to treat the patient the way you would want to be treated. " Nurses Aide

"I learned about dementia and how to make them comfortable and provide good communication." Nurses Aide

"I learned about validation process. I don't think its ok to lie to residents or enter their reality or live their truth. I learned how the brain works and the process of memories." Nurses Aide

"Excellen presenters with obvious keen knowledge, training and experience. I have a greater understanding of the many facets of dementia as well as helpful and effective approaches to utilize with patients. My empathy increased as a result of the increased knowledge." Social Worker


Alzheimer's and Dementia Training
April 30th 2009

"I was so impressed with the professonalism combined with genuine compassion the Instructors Sandy and Lynn have for those living with dementia. The presentation inspired me to learn more, achieve more and be a better person for the seniors I serve. I learned so much abut the behaviors associated with dementia." Assisted Living Administrator

'I loved the spiritual presentation. It opened my eyes on how we need to be really think outside the scope of how we have been practicing with this population. I am excited to go back to my facility and share the knowledge and create a community of enhcancements for our residents." Nursing Home Administrator

"The information was great. I tech dementia in my facility and have used the same data but found numerous facts and data to add to my seminar. It was a lot of data. I will take the bits and pieces that will add the frosting to my training progra. Got ideas to add subjects like grief, stress relieft, etc to my training sessions." Dementia Care Manager

"I like the detailed information provided and real life expreiences. I learned what activites are not appropriate." LPN

"Incorporating diversity and sexual behavior was very pleasing to me. I learned the need to communicate on the subjects of sexuality, diversity issues." Social Worker

"I liked chapter 9 and chapter 11. I will be stronger in my conviction to be more aware of spiritual needs." Assisted Living Administrator

"I loved this seminar! It was excellent. I learned a lot about hoarding, which has been a major issue with our community. The presenters made it interesting and excellent." Director of Nursing

"I learned to much to list." Social Worker


Presented to NY Recreation Therapy Association
Date: May 20th 2009
Presenter: Sandra Stimson CADDCT CALA, ADC, CDP, CDCM
Session 1: Developing Self Esteem in The Elderly
Session 2: Why and When You Need A Population / Calendar Analysis

"Very thorough, amazing amount of ideas and web sites"

"Very knowledgable"

"Did a great job"

"Had good points and references and web sites"

"Good information and I can use at work"

"I think Sandra covered everything:"

"Great speaker, very informative and thorough"

"Content was quite good, I learned a lot"

"It is good to hear about activity ideas"


Pembrooke Nursing and Rehab Center PA
May 26 and 21 2009
Train the Trainer

"Pleased with current updated information provided. Presenter was straight forward! Excelllent! I learned best practices in dementia care" Natalies Torres CDP Pebrooke Nursing and Rehab

"The thoroughness of the presentation was remarkable, very organized and professional and exciting. Learned so many resources for my knowledge base" Sarah W. Kardine RN BS CDP 

"I was extremely pleased with the seminar, well organized and presented well. I enjoyed learning different activities to deal with someone with dementia" Sheila Houser LPN CDP Staff Development Harrison Senior Living


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar
Pembrooke Nursing and Rehab Center-PA
May 21st 2009

"I was pleased with the suggestions that were given throughout the seminar. I learned a lot about how dementia residents react to different things that I do, say or even the way I approach them. I will keep that in mind next time I am working with a resident." Nurses Aide.

"Very pleased with presentation" LPN

"I am very happy about the seminar because i learned a lot about how to deal with my residents a lot better." Nurses Aide

"I was pleased with the religions / culture diversity presented concerning dementia." Nurses Aide

"I learned how to deal with people with dementia such as when they ask where their family member is." Nurses Aide

"The training was great and it was a job well done." RN

" I thought it was well done" Nurses Aide

"I liked the calendar suggestions and how i can improve my program. Learned more information about dementia and the ways to improve their quality of life." Activity professional

"I really enjoyed the presention, it held my attention and it was very informative." LPN

"I learned to include more role playing and examples to reinforce practical applications of material" Nursing Home Administrator

"I enjoyed our speaker. She was very good. "

"I was very pleased and learned a lot about dementia and how to better care for the residents with the disease." Nurses Aide

"I felt the seminar was knowledable." Activity Professional

"I am so glad that we were taught about Dementia and I learned to interact with the residents more and see things on their level." Nurses Aide

"I enjoyed the stories and examples that the speaker gave and I learned that I can engage in true life time" Nurses Aide

"Very educational" Nurses Aide

"I learned validation method training for direct care staff, utilization of specific examples was effective and easy to understand. I will apply the improvement of activity content for program purposes." Nursing Home Administrator



Chester County Health Care Partnership
Presented at:
Pembrooke Nursing and Rehab Center-PA
May 26 2009

Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar
Instructor: Sandra Stimson CEO NCCDP

"Great information" Occupational Therapist

"I was pleased with the amount of information and the resources, I learned about Validation Therapy. " RN

"I learned about different activities for dementia." Activity Professional

"Very good presentation and I will prepare our caregivers better." Counselor

"Pleased with short film on communication."

"The seminar was an eye opener, good information and I learned about more interventions to use." LPN

"I learned different techiques to sooth an agitated resident" Nurses Aide

"I learned new ideas for activties." Activity Professional

"The program was outstanding and well put. It was very well given." Nurses Aides

" I loved the hand out notebook" RN

"All information presented was most helpful" LPN

"Great presentation, Would recommend to additional staff that do not soley work with dementia residents because the ideas are applicable to the older population in general as well." Nursing Home Administrator

"Very pleased with the knowledge learned about dementia and how to work with clients better." Program Assistant

"The Alzheimer's hand out notebook was very good and organized." LPN

"Very informative, thank you! We need to do so many more activities especially for low functioning residents in geri chairs. " Nurses Aide

"I liked the role playing and would have enjoyed more role playing with the group." RN

"The information presented in the presentation was very informative and eye openning and every facility should participate in this seminar." Nurses Aide

"I learned there are more types of Dementia diseases than i imagined." Nurses Aide

" I learned the team approach to providing inclusive activities" Activity Professional

"Speaker had lots of energy and great use of personal experiences, the seminar was interactive, i learned to about safety and never to leave patients unattended and that clocks are very important. I learned its important to watch where you take dementia residents on facility outings and to have a policy on outings and elopement." RN

"Sandy used a lot of stories to bring the information to light, Very effective way to help us remember. Role playing, power point, video were helpful in keeping my attention. I learned, I need to work on my listening skills, that in-services needed for sexuality / intimacy issues, need a discharge policy for reversible dementia and to do daily stand up meetings for all shifts regarding new admissions, especially to let staff know about words or gestures they might know."



Train the Trainer
April 30th 2009

"The resources and information you shared was amazing. I was very impressed with the level of research you have done. It is amazing at how the free resources you offered. This is very rare! I learned I have alot more to learn because so much new information available. I will be working directly with integrating this information to our dementia unit staff with ongoing dementia staff training."
Bonnie Saunders PT MPA CDP NCCDP approved Alzheimers and Dementia Instructor Arista Care Health Services Corporate Director of Rehab and Program Development Bonnie@aristacare.com

"information is very useable. Thinking outside the box is a must when caring for the Alzheimers individual"
Anthony W. Obertate CDCM CDP
Director of Dementia Services
Life Care Centers of America
Green Valley Care Center
New Albany Indianna

"Enjoyed content of program. The cases made it realistic. This helped in identifying how to apply what was learned in my work. I learned to include family and visitors in cautions for wanderguards and security of locked dementia units when exiting and staff assigned to specific doors during fire safety drills."
Catherine Eitel
Absecon Manor Long TermCare and Rehab Center Cath3334@aol.com

"I enjoyed all the extra real life stories, because that is what helps to bring the facts to life. I attended Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer and am excited to share all of this information with others in the field so that we can raise the bar in dementia care."
Kathy Kearcher LPN CDP
Covenant Senior Day Program

"Lynn and Sandy interacted well with the group. The knowledge of the materials thorough and complete.I learned the importance of this knowledge being brought to more medical staff!"
Monica Tomaini LPN CDP
Alliance Alzheimers And Dementia Consultants Alliancealzdem1@aol.com

"I am pleased with the rich knowledge and experiences of the speakers.
Both of the speakers are very willing to share and they are fun to listen to. Great amount of information and resources provided. I will have the opportunity to share and learn with professionals on the field. I learned organizing techniques, new information and resources about dementia. I plan to present this information in Hong Kong."
Allyson Y.P. Chiu
Yes Hong Center for Geriatric Care

"Lynn and Sandy worked well together. They complimented each others style and held the interest of the entire room. They wasted no time in the classroom and provided complete and comprehensive material. This seminar should be mandatory for all healthcare personnel. The seminar reinforsed the importance of complete education of all healthcare professionals in the field of dementia and alzheimers."
Kathryn Weber LPN CDP
Alliance Alzheimer and Dementia Consultants Alliancealzdem1@aol.com

"Sandra Stimson and Lynn Gordon hit this one right out of the park.
(Had to say that because seminar held in Philadelphia home of the world series champions.) this course is a must for all healthcare providers and caregivers. This should be a requirement for all Director of Nursing. Administrators. Activity Directors,etc. This course is our future!
Alliance Alzheimers and Dementia Consultants Dr. E.F. Wasuiewski DC CDP


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar
March 14 2009
Baltimore Maryland

"Hands down the best, most practical, colorful, humorous dementia discussion I have ever been a part of and I have been to hundreds. It was clear, precise with lots of feeling, emotion, followed with examples, experiences that we can use to educate others. Kept my attention 99 percent of time." Patricia Outland Assisted Living Administrator

"I was very pleased, the sexuality part was well needed" Activity Professional

"I enjoyed the entire seminar" Assisted Living Administrator

"I was amazed about the sex in facilities and how we need to have a speaker on this subject, for both residents and staff. I learned in the enviroment portion the importance of clocks, rocking chairs and may need to cover windows for eloping residents who try to go through windows." Activity Professional

Thanks for providing the educational info on line for us to use...we have a
paucity of funds (county facility).  This material will be valuable to our
Staff Development Nurse.
Jeannette Morneau,NHA

Hi Sandra,

I had been at a presentation at Forest Manor in Hope N.J. on Feb. 4th '09 & really enjoyed all the info. & the way you that presented info.


Linda Loyko


Train the Trainer
March 14, 2009, Baltimore

Outstanding dementia training program! I have attended Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminars offered by a number of agencies and organizations during the past fifteen years and this was by far the best dementia program I have ever attended. The information provided was up-to-date and internationally based. The trainers were knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend NCCDP's Alzheimer's and Dementia training to anyone working with dementia on a personal or professional level.

Denise Reynolds Scruggs, BSW, ADC, CDP, Director of the Beard Center on Aging at Lynchburg College


Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia Care

Both of these instructors were very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject material. The resources provided during this training were excellent.

Carol Hill RN, BSN, RAC-CT, C-NE, CDP Hill Educational Services Inc.


Certified Dementia Care Manager Course
March 14 2009 Baltimore MD

Sandra, thank you so much for the opportunity to expand my professional experience with the Certified Dementia Care Manager certification. The resources alone make this course, and the Certified Dementia Professional course well worth the time and money. I applaud the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners for taking the lead in creating this worthwhile certification. It is long overdue!

Kathy E. Wiederhold, CDP, CDCM
Masonic Home of Louisville


I hope you are doing well.  It will surely be good when all of us together can get more people trained and they can talk to and serve our elders with the best practices. Thanks for all you do and for creating this program. I find it a joy to teach.

Dee Mayfield, CDP, TIPs
Instructor  # 52005
Mayfield Health Care  Seminars


Dear friends: The insert in the Publication, Provider, is a blessing to all who are interested in the field of LTC. My employer is St. Joseph's colleg of Maine. I am an adjunct instructor in LTC. Simultaneously, I am pursuing a PhD in Health Science at University of Pecs, Hungary. My research and subsequent outcome is the first Alzheimer's Special Care Unit in a Mental Health Hospital Hungary. The administrator has given me the responsibility and honor of the developing the physical environment, the staff employment and education. I will apply many of the components of your Tool Kit, with your copyrighted permission. Thank you for your wonderful organization. When my research is finished, I will apply for certification.

Jean Szilagyi


Alzheimer's and dementia Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer seminar
Certified Dementia Care Manager Course
January 27 2009
East Windsor NJ
Train the Trainer Seminar

"I attended the Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Course. It was a great seminar, very informative with great stories. All aspects of the seminar pleased me." Jennifer Snyder Director of Nursing Buckingham Place

"Lynn and Sandra are very detailed, it was a terrific day and very comprehensive. They empower you to go out and teach others how to be better and smarter practitioners. It was a great train the trainer course. I also attended the CDCM course for dementia unit managers and the materials provided were excellent. " Michael Trama Assistant Director of Nursing LI State Veterans Home


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar
January 27 2009
East Windsor NJ

"Well organized and presented. Activity ideas and scheduling and will apply this" Dementia Unit Manager

"The extensive knowledge and helpfulness of lynn and sandy was wonderful. The ideas for dementia / memory care units was interesting." Activity professional

"Very well organized and informative" RN

"very pleased to have attended this seminar" Activity professional

"Action steps to reducing wandering and the need for wander control interventions were useful to me." Social Worker

"Enjoy the stress part of the seminar, i learned alot. Activity Professional


"I loved the truthfullness Sandra portrayed in her presentation. So lawful and in depth reality. She made me feel more knowledable. I admired Lynn and her stand for the rights of the residents and not being afraid to speak the truth about employees, when they are not doing their jobs correctly with the residents. You both have inspired me to go forth in long term care field." Activity Professional

"I was pleased with the hands on knowledge of the speakers." Director of Nursing 

"I was pleased with the highlights of detailed stories and the professionalism of your presentations. I learned practical and professional ways to meet the needs of dementia residents." Recreation Therapist

"Presenters knowledge is extensive and given with a wonderful sense of relivency.  All aspects of the seminar was useful, resource materials were excellent." RN

"The hand out book was the best i have ever received in a seminar. Well worth the money. I want to book this seminar for my staff!" Director of Nursing


NCCDP Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Instructors: Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP and Sandra Stimson CADDCT CALA, ADC, CDP
Location: Boston

"New and inovative ways to dealing with difficult residents and new approaches with staff was taught, i also learned about sensory stations and to decrease agitation" LPN

"The personal experiences that the trainers recounted were helpful. I found the information about dementia units helpful" Activity Professional

"The new and different ways to communicate and educate the staff is one thing in particular i learned and the way a Alzheimer's resident might hear what we are saying. I also learned to validate information and knowledge the correct way to work with dementia" Actiivty Professional

" I learned about changing the dining and meal experience. The staff education related to resident sexuality is important aspect of this seminar and. I will work closer with the team to develope new activities." Director of Nursing

"Speakers were very knowledgable adn interesting speakers. I learned how it affects the brain, when we had a visual picture of the braub,  I learned about the types of activities to implement into the activity program and how to deal with different stages of dementia." Recreation Therapist

"The seminar was very informative. I can't wait to share with my staff." Activity Director

"I learned the activity has to be person appropriate. I learned how important it is to identify what works for which resident per unit. My facility was using the same calendar on every unit before i started and will establish needs for each resident on the unit and reflect on calendars for particular units." Activity Director

"The personal experiences of the speakers brought to the table validated the information presented. I am new in geriatric long term care and felt i could benefit from a seminar that covered many topics surrounding Alzheimer's and dementia, so all i learned was helpful. Specifically i feel i can be more beneficial to my residents through helping our activities director modify and add more appropirate and benefical activities. Thank you! Social Worker