2012 Testimonials.

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilled execution. It represents the wise choice of many" Author Unknown


Practitioner Definition


Dear Ms. Stimson and Ms. Biot-Gordon,

On behalf of American Senior Communities, I would like to endorse the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.

I have had the pleasure of being both a Certified Dementia Practitioner and Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer for approximately a full decade. In that time, I have used the NCCDP Alzheimer's and Dementia Education curriculum to provide training to hundreds of dementia care team members on behalf of two LTC providers; teaching others to better serve elders living with various forms of dementia with greater efficacy and compassion.

I have found this organization to act consistently with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and customer service.  Most impressive is your continued involvement in the day to day operations of the organization, Sandra and Lynn, as you continue to assist in the service of those of us offering education in the public and professional sectors, by personally answering emails, and making phone calls to provide assistance and resolve challenges as they occur.

ASC Memory Care remains steadfast in our commitment to utilizing NCCDP products, and we were pleased to add two additional Regional CADDCT's to our Home Office Memory Care Support team this past December.  We added the additional trainers so that we may better reach more of our care community team members in the service of our elders living with A.D. and related forms of dementia.  We will also be introducing the Support Group leader certification in our Memory Care Weekly Message tomorrow, 3/26/18, that will reach all our ASC Memory Care, Community, and Regional leaders within our company to encourage them to take advantage of this exciting new certification opportunity.

Thank you for the provision of your excellent dementia training curricula, and for your support of our efforts. We look forward to future and long-lasting collaborative efforts as we continue to expand our service energies across the state of Indiana, and potentially, beyond.

Most gratefully and sincerely,

Melanie K. Perry, M.S., CDP, CADDCT
Director of Memory Care Support Services
American Senior Communities 



Train the Trainer

"I was very pleased. Sandra made sure everything was clear and understood and offered support any time I need it. Thank you. I learned we need to research outside of the United States lots of wonderful things to be learned universally." Sharon Durnin


Health Care Association of Michigan
December 5th 2012

“This program was empowering and eye opening. Alzheimer's and Dementia are a horrible disease and we are at WAR! Often as I nurse, I find it challenging to change, modify or control the behaviors exhibited by someone with dementia. During the program, I was reminded time and time again that this is a "brain disease" and if we only attempt to put a band-aid on it by treating the behaviors associated with Dementia and Alzheimer's, we will lose the war. Our patients will lose; their loved ones will lose.

I loved that this program is constructed so that not one discipline has an educational or professional edge over another. The program is presented in a way that ALL attendees will benefit. CENAs, Activities, clergy, hospice, admissions, dietary, volunteers...anyone who serves, interacts, or loves someone with dementia. I was delighted that a CENA was thrilled to now be able to add the initials CDP to her professional signature. How cool is THAT? And this will empower her to do great things for the people she serves.

On a personal note- it is getting more and more difficult to find someone who has not been touched personally by dementia or Alzheimer's- including myself. The pain and grief of losing someone who is still "here" is an everyday hurt. Younger and younger we are losing great minds and hearts to this horrible disease and its symptoms. I now feel a little more ready for the fight; I feel a little stronger for the battle. I feel I have weapons to share with others who fight and to battle the hurt and to love their loved one with Alzheimer's and dementia.”

NiNiki Wheeler, Director of Nursing, Bay Shores Senior Care & Rehab
Participated in HCAM & MI-NADONA/LTC program on Dec. 5, 2012


Train the Trainer
Seattle Washington
October 2 2012
Trainer: Lynn Biot Gordon MSW LCSW CDP CADDCT

"Excellent was great, loved information about Dementia Care Mapping"  RN

"Love the sexuality portion and pain management, concept on sun downing, stressing the positive spiritual attitude and violence in health care." Assisted Living Administrator

"Perfect presentation, great knowledge of subject and the importance of dementia care as a separate field." LPN


Alzheimer's Dementia Seminar
Tucson AZ
December 12 2012
Instructor: NCCDP Corporate Trainer Sandra Burrows

"Enjoyed speaker, well informed, not boring, I learned something we can do to improve our memory with and teach the care givers how interact with dementia and Alzheimer's patients."RN

"The seminar was very helpful and presented well. Activities to engage residents, awesome ideas." DON

"Great binder, lots of information to take back with me. Ideas for care giver training and for memory care unit" Assisted Living Administrator

"Lots of information, some  new ideas, lots of refresher information, may ideas that I have not tried and different areas of resources."  RN 

"All was very informative and valuable, thank you, I really liked the various quotes, they will help me remain professional when I least feel like it." LPN

"It was great to hear that a lot of care issues are common sense and compassion related. I need to keep sharing with fellow caregivers and than everyone wins." LPN

"Activities was very informative. I was very pleased to learn that I have been doing many things correctly. Lots of information regarding activities, staff and families." Activity Professional

 "The written materials is awesome, sandy is an awesome speaker. I learned so much. I am anxious to change the culture in our building with this course." Activity Professional

"Very enlightening and received information that can actually be practically applied. I  have a much better understanding of dementia an dhow the person feels an dhow to help and relate to them." Assisted Living Administrator 
"I gained from the communication and feelings section to better expand and plan new approaches from staff to residents. I appreciated the acknowledgement of questions and discussions. Social Worker

"The instructor was great, knew her information and spoke well. Reminded me of how important each individual is and unique each is, the real basis of dementia." Activity Professional

"I think this class was good. I enjoyed some of the activity ideas." Activity Professional

I have attended many seminars in my 33 years of nursing. This one by far was the most interesting and kept my attention throughout the entire time. Sandra gave an excellent presentation and is very knowledgeable and is an expertise in the study of dementia. She treated each one of us with dignity and respect. The class size was just right. She had the size of the class small enough to allow for questions and answers. None of us felt crowded. The material presented was interesting and she used many examples from experiences that she has acquired over her years of teaching. It put a picture to her presentation. Even though I have worked with dementia customers for a few years, I was able to learn so much from her presentation. Her knowledge and her abilities to teach are commendable. The Hotel she had chosen was excellent. The food was tastefully presented and was delicious. The service from the hotel was nothing short of being excellent. For anyone that is interested in becoming certified, I highly recommend the NCCDP approach to teaching the course. There is nothing quite like the live presentation versus reading out of a book and taking a test. I have nothing but admiration and respect for Sandra and will highly recommend any nurse to take her course. She is not only thorough in her work but is well organized. Her time that she took to explain things to us, give us tips on teaching a successful course was invaluable. My goal now is to be trained as a First Responder. Linda Wagner


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Class
December 11th 2012
Orlando Florida
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Sandra Stimson CADDCT CALA ADC CDCM CDP AC-BC

"As a registered nurse, CDP, Trainer I just was given a thorough insight into the understanding of the dementia customer. With this added knowledge I feel that I will be more effective leader in my position as CEO in an adult day care center. What pleased me the most is the confidence I have to teach and will utilize in my leadership role from having teaching this course. I have received excellent educational resources from the materials i received. I feel that I will be able to present a well rounded organized course to those who are wanting an understanding of the dementia world. I also appreciate knowing I will have the support of NCCDP with any questions or concerns."
Linda Wagner RN CDP
Senior Care of Brevard

"As an educator, the seminar provides structure for a program that provides hands on skill for learners that can't be beat. Everyone who cares for dementia needs this information."
Maureen Dever Bumba DRPH MSN FNP-C CDP

"As a Vice President of Clinical services, I love the Power Point and the books. I will utilize these resources to effect positive change on our dementia care units. I learned you need protocol for transition off a unit."
Jenny Scott RN CDP
Vice President
Veritas Incare

"As an instructor for home health aides and certified nursing assistants I know that I will be able to provide them with superior education to care for their patients and clients who suffer from dementia. One of the greatest things I learned that will help me when teaching this course is all the amazing resources . NCCDP also is always updating their website with current research and products related to dementia and Alzheimer's disease."
Charlotte Jones RN MS BSN CDP
At Your Service Education LLC

"As a nurse I was pleased with every aspect of the class and will be glad to take the information back to my work and share this. I will take the knowledge and pass that along to others that have been touched by dementia."
The Alverno

Alzheimer's dementia Seminar
December 11 2012
"Alot of information for activity staff that can be applied." Social Worker

"Enjoyed seminar and it was presented well. This is a great tool in teaching professional about dementia. Important information for caregivers and staff. I would like to take the train the trainer class and educate staff and family. " clergy

"I was pleased that Sandy incorporated her work experience into the seminar. I was very pleased and interested about the knowledge and education I learned. I am interested in the Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer course. I learned about numerous opportunities to better cater to the needs of dementia residents. "
 nurse's Aide

"The power point was incredible very thorough. All the food service information was new for our facility. The elopement standards and stats will be directly reported. We are in the process of implementing policy.
 Activity Professional

"I liked the discussion on cultural issues." Social Worker

"This seminar helped me with a better approach to my patients." PTA


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Class
Dallas Texas
November 30th 2012
Danielle Micale CDP NCCDP Corporate Trainer

"I was definitely pleased by the organization of the seminar and how smoothly it flowed. The notebook was most helpful. Great instructor and very knowledgeable. A lot of the information I was aware of, but it was great to have it all presented in one seminar, not just receiving it in bits and pieces. The resources given are great and will be most helpful in my practice."
 Lita C. Hannes RN BC CDP Independent Contractor Nursing Consultant

"Danielle enriched the material with the examples. I especially liked the section on communication and feelings. I think this is important to have knowledge in this area. The entire presentation was very well done. I have a lot of studying to do. This was a great seminar, a lot to take in one day. Danielle's expertise, knowledge and passion for this subject made it so worthwhile."
Bonita Thompson RN COS-C CDP Education Consultant Foundation Management Services


Nebraska Health Care Association
Alzheimer's Dementia Care Seminar
November 14th and 15th 2012
Presenter: Sandra Stimson CALA ADC CDP CDCM AC-BC

"Loved all of the references given, books, websites, articles things to access to get more on. The note book is very informative and also full of information that I will continue to use. A great over view of the areas of dementia care. Lots of opportunities to increase my knowledge and self study. This class would have to have been a month long." LPN

"Many great ideas, resources to use specifically for our activity program. Many things are over whelming to make them practical in our building. But many great ideas so we can look at our facility residents and practices to see what we can add or change." Activity Professional

"Was pleased with all aspects. Well done! I learned about FTAG compliance issues with CNA's in activities." CTRS

"I learned about creating a policy for outings / elopements." Director of Nursing

" I learned about great activity and environmental suggestions." Social Worker

"She was an excellent speaker with lots of experience and information to share. Lots of web sites for future information provided" RN

"Was all good."

"Loved the contact with the audience-very personal. Loved the resources. Great information we can incorporate within our current program." Nursing Home Administrator

"Resources for education and web sites were awesome. I learned a better way of approaching dementia residents." Director of Nursing

"loved all the educational resources dropped in our lap. We can use them tomorrow. TV room recommended, we just made the change and good to have it reinforced to remove when our dementia residents. activity centers easy to implement those lots of good suggestions." RN

"Fast paced, hard to get everything down. Loved the access to materials we can use for free." Social Worker

"I learned where to find the information I need." Director of Nursing

"Great speaker, I learned you are paid to be there and if you do not like your job get a new one, i learned ideas to help dementia." Nurses Aide

"I learned reference information, web sites, ideas for activities and ways to change the environment." RN

"The speaker, Sandy was amazing and helpful with several ideas to help us with our residents. I think the dementia behavior log is a great idea and will present his idea to my DON. I think everyone could chart on this and could be very beneficial to prevent situations. I feel it is very nice all of the web sites that are available." Nurses Aide

"The stories kept me entertained." Activity Professional

"It was fantastic information. Will really have to study the hand out notebook. I liked the ideas for activity stations, using colored plastic ware (vs white)." Director of Nursing

 "Speaker was good at keeping interest and presentation was good, a lot of great stories. I learned that residents can not be left alone in the day room ever, must have a nursing assistant in activities along with the activity staff, speaker gave tons of great web sites for training and assessment tools, will give information to the DOn and use to train other staff and share improvements that need to be made." LPN

"Please with all, very informational, I learned about activities for dementia residents." LPN

"Activities was very informative, learned a lot. I got a lot of activity ideas." RN

"I learned about the information relating to different activities was very helpful-access to resources and that information was great." Director of Nursing

"Lots of new information and places to go for more information. I learned about different activities, sensory boxes, sensory rooms" RN

"Good resources for future use." Social Worker

"The speaker was very well informed and communicated her knowledge well. I learned better ways to control the environment that will make the areas more peaceful for residents. Especially noise  levels, keeping staff personal belongings off units." RN

"I liked the enthusiasm of the speaker and knowledge of the content provided, how to approach the remodel of our dementia unit and how to educate my staff in order to provide better care of this residents." RN 

"Very informative, information and in-services available is great (NCCDP Alzheimer's Dementia Care Staff Education Week portal.nccdp.org) and I will be able to take back a lot of good information to our staff." Director of Nursing

"Speaker very interesting, great examples, I learned things we are doing and how to do them." LPN

"I learned new ideas for interventions, environment." RN

" I learned things I can share with activity staff in our facility." RN

"Lots of very good resources." Memory Support director

"Knowledge, expertise and background that presenter had. Improvements in care for activities programs, staff coming and going." Director of Nursing

"This was a great seminar. A further understanding of the care for my residents." Nurses Aide

"Great information, the activities ideas and information should help me as I attempt to make improvements in that area in our advanced dementia unit." RN
"Would have loved to have the slide show, other wise, great strong examples, excellent, good staff topics and tips, good feed back, examples on communication with residents." RN

"Good information and web sites. Need to improve the activity program, need to review the policies." Nursing Home Administrator 


Train the Trainer
Pittsburgh Pa
October 23 2012

"So many wonderful ideas and web sites to check out. I look forward to sharing the information with our retirement communities. "
Peg Carl LPN BA CDP Providence Place

"I learned a lot of practical ways to individualize care for people with dementia.  I was pleased with comprehensive and practical tips. " Marty Eng PharmD RPH CGP CDP Pharmacist Associate Professor Cedarville University School of Pharmacy


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Class
October 18th 2012
Chicago Illinois
Trainer: Sandra Burrows NCCDP Corporate 

"I enjoyed the personal examples. I really liked the reference materials. I will bring back this training to all our 17 communities."
Assisted Living Administrator

"Thanks for a great presentation. There was a ton of information and I learned a lot. I learned techniques for challenging staff to be creative in caring for residents wit dementia. Also I learned a lot about various types of activity programs that I will integrate into my facility program."
Nursing Home Administrator

"Very pleased with speakers ideas and experiences. No steal zone" reminding CNA's not to decrease resident ADL functioning. "I cant find myself", Dementia is like being thirsty all the time, cupping water in our hands and the water escaping before you can take a drink."
Director of Nursing

"No disappointments. Very organized and clear speaking. Communication and feelings, I need to educated my staff in the skilled nursing facility. I got great ideas from Sandra and other's in the class."
Social Worker

"Fabulous Workshop. Great resources for education. I learned to keep current on the web site. I learned how to effectively present the materials according to the NCCDP guidelines and to stay current."
Director of Nursing  


Alzheimer's Dementia Seminar
October 18th 2012
Chicago, IL
Trainer: Sandra Burrows NCCDP Corporate

"I liked the personal examples and references and will bring back to my communities."
 Memory Care Programming Director .

"I liked the holistic approach to understanding and working with Alzheimer's and dementia. First workshop that was all inclusive for all levels of care givers that addressed whole picture. Superb! Excellent knowledge and real time base and application, current and thorough. RN DON     

"Excellent speaker. Time flew. She made it enjoyable. Great program. Thank you. RN

"Information so beneficial. Will apply all the information." RN

"All topics were very good, thorough, very knowledgeable. Better approaches for combative behavior. I learned about comprehensive assessments from family is needed. You covered a lot.  
Dementia Unit Activity Professional

"Great speaker. Very informative. Wished there was more time. I learned about approaching residents with dementia, understanding and empathizing effectively."
 Social Worker

"Speaker provided nice examples." CTRS

"Speaker awesome. Very stimulating." RN DON

"Very informative, speaker was fun." Social Worker Administrator

"Speaker did excellent job. This was one of the best most informative seminars in my career! I learned to look at the Alzheimer's person as a person not a disease. "I am trying to find me."   Social Worker.

The seminar was very informative. It has increased my curiosity and research more. The seminar enhanced my knowledge of dementia and Alzheimer's Social Worker.

"Everything was excellent, current and helpful. I learned more about dementia  and how to deal with those who have dementia." Activity Professional

"The presenter was knowledgeable and disappointed we ran out of time. Communication section was great. Will utilize all that I learned and incorporate in my facility". RN

"I learned the importance of activity in patient care. Social workers will place individual in places with great activity programs. I learned stages of dementia, medications and reactions" Activity professional

"Very organized and clear. I liked the activity ideas." LPN

"I was pleased to see that Alzheimer's resident should be the primary focus. Treating them as a person with feelings, as individual. I learned about Tai chi, I will follow up on this." RN

"I learned respect for all aspects of the individual, spiritual, religious, cultural, psychological, etc. Got information on integration of all aspects of care for residents with dementia / Alzheimer's Disease." RN   


Sage Eldercare
Train the Trainer
September 27th 2012
NCCDP Trainer: Danielle Micale MHA LNHA  CTRS CDP

"Presenter was very well spoken and knowledgeable. I learned varied approaches to care related to older ideas and ways too improve environment." RN

"Instructor engaged the audience very well. Stories were informative and educational. Presentation style was perfect." Adult Day Administrator


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Seminar and Certified Dementia Care Manager Training
East Windsor NJ
September 20th 2012
Trainers: Lynn Biot Gordon MSW LCSW CDP CADDCT

"I learned about communication, feelings, spirituality were all very interesting to me, I also liked learning about new activities programs and how to support the families. I will use the policies for elopement, wandering, information assessment tools and the wealth of information that I learned about dementia."
Rachel Smith CDP CDCM Dementia Program Coordinator Linwood Care Center Revera Health Systems

"As a CDP and Director of Recreation it is always refreshing to hear current information on Alzheimer's disease and dementia and to receive great resources. A wealth of information is shared at the training. The open dialogue with others individuals from different organizations and populations is very helpful. I learned about current statistics, how to appropriately recognize dementia care unit, dealing with care givers."
Tameka Battle MA CTRS CDP  Excelsior Health Care Solutions LLC , NYSTRA Board

 "The seminar was exceptionally comprehensive and the excellent resource materials provided will allow me to continue to learn and grow as a trainer and practitioner. I also learned about many activity ideas that are adaptable for the home care setting. I appreciated the inclusion of materials on staff and family support, spiritual care and end of life issues. I feel that the materials is highly adaptable for a variety of health care providers from HHAS to staff with advanced training."
Jeri Goodman LMSW CDP Social Work Development Specialist Visiting Nurse Services of NY

"I plan on placing more of an emphasis on validation therapy. I will seek out additional education so that I can share the benefits and provide coaching 
Joseph LoPiccolo RN Regional Staff Development Specialist VNSNY Choice


Alzheimer's Dementia Care Seminar
East Windsor NJ
September 20th 2012
Instructors: Lynn Biot Gordon MSW LCSW CDP CADDCT
                    Sandra Stimson AC-BC ADC CALA CDP CDCM

"You kept it interesting. You really knew the material. I hope to take more seminars. I learned that I am doing most of this the right way. I work on a dementia unit. " LPN

"I was very pleased with all the information I learned today. " Activity Professional

"Lynn is Fabulous, funny, knowledgeable and Sandra is energetic knowledgeable and resourceful. Everything was clearly outlined and very thorough. I gained knowledge on cultural competence and great suggestions for the activity department and staff providing comfort and meaningful activities for our residents. Appreciated the wealth of resources given." Social Worker  

"I liked the aspect of the spirit of the individual. I learned that the beliefs of ideals I hold for nurturing the spirit of the individual is the most effective  and critical focus. My belief in the arts to nurture the spirit."  Activity Professional

"I am particularly impressed with the high level of knowledgeable of both trainers and it was very informative. It is a very challenging job but the rewards are immense." Activity Professional

"Lots of information. I learned specific suggestions for activities, the role of the staff members, get rid of over head paging and excessive noise and how to support the families." Social Worker

"I enjoyed the whole seminar very much and taking away a lot of ideas and information. I am taking another look at ball toss and balloon toss, although they love it, it is not the best for them." Activity Professional

"Seminar was excellent and informative" Assisted Living Administrator 


Train the Trainer
Philadelphia PA
September 11th 2012
NCCDP Corporate Trainers: Lynn Biot Gordon MSW LCSW CDP CADDCT
                                         Sandra Stimson CADDCT CALA ADC AC-BC CDP CDCM  

"I was most impressed with the personal aspects of this seminar  that humanized a disease that at times as seen as clinical. Very impressed. As a Director of Nursing I look forward to improving not only the quality of care in our facility but educating and improving the lives of caregivers in our community."
Casandra Evering RN BSN CDP Director of Nursing 
Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center 

"As a professional social worker I was pleased to attend the seminar for  Train the Trainer. The seminar was presented very professional. The information provided was very useful. I will use the information I have learned in working with seniors and educatin others."
Albert Sierra MSW LCSW CDP 
ASierra and Associates

"As a professional trainer, I was very pleased with the content and depth of the information presented. Excellent information about dementia, Alzheimer's disease dx and treatments, and the various aspects of care. This course is excellent for practitioners and for graduating students working in NH, etc."
Sharon E McKenzie PhD CTRS CDP Associate Professor
Kean University Gerontology Program

"As a Care Manager for a home health organization I am throughly pleased with this class. I am looking forward to educating our home health aides in the best way to assist their dementia clients."
Cindy Mitchell CDP Care Manager CHEER of Delaware

"As an out reach coordinator I learned that there is another way to completely dianosis dementia besides autopsy. Brain Imaging Agent."
Ashley Marchowsky CDP Alzheimer's Outreach Coordinator
Seashore Gardens Living Center

"As a professional instructor I was particularly pleased with the thorough content of the trainings. The professionalism portrayed by the instructors as well as the knowledge included was beyond expectations. I learned new ideas for interventions and many new resources."
Chris Callahan LSW CDP Director of Patient Advocacy & Business Development
Advantage Home Health Services

"Speakers were especially knowledgable. Will use the knowledge I obtained today to enlighten the employees where I work. Knowledge is power and the elders deserve the best we can give."
Barbara T. Magness MSL, BSN, RN CDP
Director of Education Employee Wellness
Citizen Care and Rehab Center

"Pleased with the thoroughness of the course. I particularly resonated with Lynn's point of view emphazizing the residents as spiritual beings. As a Dementia Unit Manager, this seminar presents information that I can share with all departments at my facility. Besides providing medical and nursing information it will greatly improve the quality of activities presented to our residents and I am certain to help the staff such in better understanding this population."
Deborah A. Redinger RN BSN MHA CDP Dementia Unit Manager Coordinator Bridgeway Care Center 


Alzheimer's Dementia Seminar
Presented by NCCDP  Corporate Staff
Philadelphia PA
September 11th 2012

"Interesting presentation, especially the part dealing with how perceptive and intuitive the residents can be, even in late state. I learned about elopement wandering policies and procedures, new dining and activity ideas and end of life strategies." Dementia Program Coordinator

"I wrote down many interventions and strategies in having all staff team members participate in meaningful activities. I learned about themed activities, activity aprons, use of comfort measures such as charm pops, policy for elopement on trips." RN

" I was pleased with the whole presentation. It  gave more insight into dementia care. I learned about making sure all residents needs are met. I would like to incorporate "wake up" program into our daily schedule." CTRS

"I was very pleased with the total "real Up" seminar." CTRS

"When you were giving out the information on Dementia, you involved the web sites that accompanied the information. This was very informative. I really did not know that the dementia residents is consistantly solving problems and if redirected to solve another problem than this will help. This can be introduced to the activity team to encourage the resident to help in the activity or clean up to give positive reinforcement" RN  

"The program was especially thought out and right to the point. Understanding dementia and Alzheimer's ( I learned). The notebook will come in handy. Realizing that to be a health care worker you need to be a special person. Making sure the quality of life is the most important issue. I learned you can't take your worries to work." Activity Professional

"I was kept engaged in the material." Activity Professional

"Very informative, enjoyed very much, speakers gave good ideas, held my attention with both speakers. I learned too much to write." CTRS

"Very fast paced class." RN

"Presented very well" Activity Professional

"So much information. I learned about new activities." Activity Professional

"Speakers very interesting and were able to hold my attention. We are converting a 60 bed ltc to a dementia unit and almost all the information was very valuable." RN

 "I appreciate that both speakers showed sincere caring and understanding. Above all they had a sense of humor, not disappointed. I learned new programs and where to find them. So we incorporate these activities in our activities calendar." Activity Professional

 "I know you have a lot of information to and you are a book of knowledge. I learned never under estimate a customer feelings. I am going to be honest with my feelings with them." LPN

"Lynn was excellent, very informative, interesting side notes. There was a lot of great ideas mentioned for activities department. Ladies, you are both great speakers!" Activity Professional

"Lynn was outstanding, very eloquent and thorough in her examples and resources.  I learned about sexuality / intimacy resources." Student  

"I was really pleased with the coverage of elopement risks and issues and tips on activities. I can relate better with families and relate in detail the process of dementia." RN

"I liked the real life stories, they help to drive the point home and help me to remember things. This will help me to be a better presenter to my staff." Social Worker  



Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer
Nashville TN
July 23rd 2012
Trainers: Lynn Biot Gordon MSW LCSW CDP CADDCT

"Loved the presentation, energy of the presenters and the powerful personal stories."
Charlene Cummings CDP The Dementia Trainer

"Overview of disease process will be extremely beneficial to caregivers and community. Very informative but not too technical so all audiences will be able to understand and apply information. We have to enter their world of Alzheimer's and dementia patients. I learned consistency, safety, dignity and respect are core elements to all we do for our patients and clients and their families."
Karen Smith M.Ed CDP Director of Training Comfort Keepers St. Louis

Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar
July 23 2012
Nashville TN

"I really enjoyed how the presenter discussed the concept of the Johari window and dementia. This was so informative and enlightening. There is always room for growth. One should always practice patience and understanding in long term care environment. Most impotently, we as professionals should take care of our selves." Nurse's Aide

"Very good presentation, excellent speakers, would attend other seminars with them. Plan to work on in-services for nurses, CNAS, activity, ss at our facility and I am excited about improving our dementia care." DON RN

"Wonderful, helpful, information. I learned about activities, wandering/ elopement and Alzheimer's in general to utilize in my job." RN

"Lynn is a very great speaker with great stories. Sandra conveyed great sense of knowledge and understanding. RN

"The personal stories and experiences kept you interested and also showed how experienced and credentialed the speakers were. I had never taught the etiology of dementia and had very little training so that was helpful. I'm a dietitian and know all about nutrition and dementia " Registered Dietitian

"Sharing stories and experiences was very helpful. A lot of good information that I can share with my staff as well as the facilities I provide education for." RN NP

"The way it was presented was very well done and informative. It gave me more understanding of dementia patients."


NADONA National Conference
National Association of Director of Nursing Administrators Long Term Care
July 2012 Nashville TN
Alzheimer's Dementia Seminar
Pre Conference: 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Trainers: NCCDP Corporate Staff
Lynn Biot Gordon COO

“This was without question the best seminar I have ever attended since being in the LTC field. It's as though the presenters picked my brain and gave all the burning answers to questions I have. I learned about the pain assessment, activities and approaches for dementia.” RN

“Loved sexual and intimacy, aggression, resources, wonderful program, left feeling positive and geared up to provide better care for our dementia customers. I plan to attend the Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer program so I can do training in our homes with locked units.” Corporate Director of Clinical Services for 17 Homes Nursing Home Administrator RN

“Both speakers were excellent. I learned new ideas to take back to facility and to the activity director.” LPN MDS Care Plan Coordinator

“All topics, I liked the stories.” CNA

“Truly appreciate the work book as well as the numerous resources. I learned to research globally. I loved the Canadian use of staff becoming a resident for 8 hours. This will be tried in our facility for those staff members who just don't get it.” Assisted Living Administrator

“Speakers held my attention really well, need more space to spread out materials. I learned I need to have more patience with my resident and look outside the box for clues to what makes them happy and comfortable.” LPN

“I enjoyed all aspects of the program. The list of the bibliography and resources was excellent and tips on improving communication.” RN

“Nothing disappointed d me. It was great, what a lot of knowledge. I learned new definitions.”

“Made subject interesting” RN

“Well taught program. Lots of web site references. Great program, every nurse supervisor and administrator should take this. Great stories in the dementia program.” DON

“A great class with good information that can be used on a daily basis with our residents. I learned how to deal with dementia residents on a daily basis.” RN

“The modules well very interesting, espeically the speakers. They are both terrific. Elopement and wondering topics was excellent. We need this in my facility.” DON
I learned about multiple resources, web sites, etc.” RN Consultant

“I was pleased with the energy and passion that was conveyed. I learned tips to pass along to facilities in best practices.” Assisted Living Administrator & DON

“Excellent! Thank you”

“Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia training was very interesting, good information to take back for in-services. I learned not to redirect the elder that is confused but to step into their world.” DON

“Pleased with the presenters and their knowledge of the subject. Even with the hand out notebook, too much information to write. I liked the resources to review and share” DON

“Absolutely felt all awesome, pertinent, applicable and current. Dynamite presenters with Lynn and Sandy. That this program is so valuable for all staff members who provide care that I will become a trainer and bring back to our facility.” DON RN

“I particularly enjoyed Lynn's presentation style. Kept my interest. I learned the importance of creating moments of joy, work with implementation of strategies for staff and families.” RN

“Lynn was the best presenter by far that I have had the privilege of listening too. She held my attention for entire time during the long certification course. I have been too many seminars. I learned people with dementia never lose their problem solving skills.” DON

“Speakers very knowledgeable, engaging, approachable! Great information. Good additional resources given for further reading. I learned to have a wandering elopement action plan.” DON

“Very good information. “RN

“Excellent information and resources. I learned underlying causes of dementia, pseudo dementia, and ways to direct staff.” RN

“I liked the integration of activities into the training. I learned for use in future training with staff, we are building 7 households and all need work with dementia.” RN

“Lynn, Totally good speaker, held my interest, answered questions; it shows she enjoys what she does! Sandra, just as good, totally great, both of them. Presenters were awesome. I learned more that I can list in this small section on evaluation.” DON

“Very informative on behaviors and interventions with dementia and Alzheimer's residents.” Administrator

“Great knowledge.” RN

“The seminar was enjoyable and personable. I learned we are spiritual beings and feed off one another.”

“Very organized, speakers very knowledgeable. Lynn is so motivating. I learned about effective management” DON

“Lynn is very passionate and clear. I learned too much to list. Very good information.” DON

“I learned about interventions.” Nursing Home Administrator RN

“Great information and resources. I learned practical interventions and approaches for managing behaviors. “DON

“I learned new techniques for activities.” DON

“Excellent presentation of content. Lively and kept audience interest. They are passionate about what they do.”RN

“Extremely pleased with content. Very informative. I learned about elopement, more activities and all of the information available on the NCCDP web site.” RN

“Very pleased. Great ideas. I learned ideas to help my staff cope with daily behavior concerns of my resident's approaches.” Nursing Home Administrator

“Overall I enjoyed the presentation. I learned I need to implement elopement plan for off sight activities, and to create a sensory room and to share education and resources with staff.” DON

“Lynn has great energy and enthusiasm for the topics she presented.” DON

“I liked the reference materials and web site information.” DON

“The presenters were extremely engaging and lectured in a clear concise manner. I learned about dealing with sexuality, inappropriate behavior with dementia clients.” DON

“Lynn was compassionate, excellent presenter. Excellent seminar! I learned a lot of great information to take back to the facility.” RN

“I liked all of it. I learned so much.” Consultant Nursing

“This session was very informative.” Pharmacist

“This seminar was applicable regarding elopement / wandering information. I learned about excellent facility wide interventions to increase my resident's quality of life and provide safe and secure place to care for them. I am looking forward to bringing back the information to share with my organization.” DON

“Excellent information! Took away a lot of new information. I learned about the Best Friend Program.” DON

“I was pleased with everything. Allot of good points.” Nursing Home Administrator

“It was great! Good information. I learned about Communication and Personalization of rooms. DON

“Lynn was excellent. Great speaker. Both good speakers. I learned knowledge of references and resources. I learned to eliminate ball toss.” DON

“Pleased with Lynn and she is a fantastic presenter. I especially appreciated her philosophy / understanding of instinctual self, her development of this concept. This seminar adds to my knowledge base and will affect staff and family education and development.” Nursing Home Administrator


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Class
Instructor:Lynn Biot Gordon MSW LCSW CDP CADDCT
 Buffalo , NY
June 26th 2012

"Thoroughness of the topics and examples I was pleased with. I learned different ways of presentation of materials." Nancy Tulumello MA CDP

"The examples that Lynn gave of personal experiences I liked. I liked the spiritual aspect, dementia does not take your spirit. Encourage families to spend time like hair brushing, talking to and hugging, etc."
 Linda Mattocks RN CDP

"I really enjoyed all the different elements presented." Maureen Banks RN CDP

"True stories is what makes this successful class. Good quotes, good resources."
Miriam Oster Social Worker CDP 

"Was very pleased with every aspect of this seminar.  I learned many new things and activity ideas and information I did not know about Alzheimer's. " Activity Professional

"everything was wonderful and it kept my attention and Lynn was very knowledgeable. This information will be added into the monthly dementia training that are held at our facility to inform new hires." Social Worker  


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Class
Richmond VA
June 5th 2012
Taught by: Danielle Micale MHA LNHA CTRS CDP -NCCDP Corporate Trainer

"Very knowledgeable. lots of personal stories which made the materials real, thanks for sharing about Grandma MIllie"  RN

"It was very thorough and was pleased to learn new information. Educational tools for staff and families" LPN

"The seminar was great and I will have to wait to get home to absorb all the information. I loved all of the reference materials and ideas." RN

"I Liked all of the resources for future use. I learned more resources to pass along to co workers and to the families." CTRS 

"I liked all the information. I will work to insure quality of life is provided for our residents." CTRS

  "I liked the information about sexuality in dementia and how to handle aggressive behavior" LPN

"I really enjoyed the stories  that supported the material. How many areas that need to be addressed with respect. I learned how very difficult it is to be a care taker. I want to use what I learned to help care takers." RN

"This was very informative information. I feel empowered to learn and teach moving forward. " RN

"Danielle is very educated and appears to be passionate about teaching Dementia and Alzheimer's. This seminar has empowered me to research and share my teaching with staff and family.  Administrator

"Well rounded curriculum. I appreciate all the resources." Social Worker 


Legend Senior Living
Corporate Training
Train the Trainer
Alzheimer's Dementia Seminar
June 12 2012
Corporate Trainers: Sandra Stimson CADDCT CALA ADC CDP CDCM AC-BC
                             Sandy Burrows LSW CDP

Train the Trainer

"The stories and specific experiences woven into the presentation make the training far more real. The presenters (both sandy's) clearly have passion when presenting and kept the learning real, for care givers, professionals and families. I learned there are more advances the he treatment and modalities for dementia care outside the U.S., so when learning think Internationally."
Troy J. Florian LNHA CDP Division Vice President of Operations  

"As an administrator I found this seminar to be a reminder of what I know but don't always have in practice. Also had a wealth of new information to improve our resident lives. As an Administrator I will use this information to further educate my associates and families. The information will prove as a valuable resource tool."
Sharon Will LNHA CDP Resident Director Parkwood Village

"As an administrator I would like to see more regarding end of life care in regards to cultural / religious difference and what to expect. I really like the stuff about redirecting and knowing your residents. As an administrator I specifically learned better activities and more appropriate activities." 
Scott Slemp LPN CDP Residence Director

"It was pleasing to see and hear from such knowledgeable presenters. Very refreshing perspective to such an important area of our business. I learned to apply all staff and family in the planning process for each individuals activities and care plans. The resources were invaluable! Great resources. Great tools and ideas to use in the communities."
Matthew Buchaman MBA LNHA CDP   

"As a Administrator, I found the style of the presentation effecdtive to learning the material for such an indepth course. The specific I found most helpful was the organization of the material. I will travel to train and I have found this to be helpful on presenting material. and delivery of subject matter. I enjoyed the course and instructors approach to presenting."
Melody Thornton CDP Residence Director  


Legend Senior Living
Corporate Training for Staff
Alzheimer's and Dementia Training
June 12th 2012

"Very pleased with the information and nice friendly atmosphere. I learned a lot in most areas, especially activities." Activity Professional Nurses Aide

"Good information. I learned about dementia activity and ideas, in-depth range of ideas, acceptance vs non acceptance practice, wandering committee and elopement and offsite events." Assisted Living administrator  

"Enjoyed the interaction and live examples. I learned to make some changes to the calendar." Activity Professional

"Great slides, ideas and recommendations. The articles and resources are very helpful and to educate my staff. The role playing of staff really helped to view the perceptions of the resident with dementia." Director of Nursing

"I am more knowledgable about sexual ideas which has been a subject at our building." RN

"I liked the amount of encouragement given to sharing information and education with all staff regardless of job title. I have always believed those that are closest to the residents need it the most." Assisted Living Administrator

"I really enjoyed the section on aggressive behaviors. "Whose behavior is it?" and will utilize this question while educating staff." Activity Professional

"Very nice reinforcement that is a brain thing." Nursing Home Administrator

"I got lots of ideas that I can bring back to my building. Loved talking about activities and garden ideas." Nursing Home Administrator

"Learned a lot. I will be able to implement in my community. Can tell the speakers are passionate about their subject. Great web sites and information,, and ideas." Assisted living Administrator 

"Enjoyed the information on training staff, activities, increased my awareness of areas my team fell short in. Ways to enhance our resident day and information. I learned different ways to cue during meals, great information about elopement, elopement team, different ways to enhance the dining room. experience through texture of foold to stimulate tongue, increase appetite, casseroles for slow eaters, less task." Assisted Living Administrator

"Appreciate all the resources and articles. I also enjoyed the part on medications and interactions. It was well presented and I did hear some new information." RN

"Most of the material was new to me. I enjoyed the maturity and knowledge of both presenters." Assisted Living Administrator

"I was very pleased with the passion that both ladies have for the elderly and teaching us to have that same passion. I learned  to teach staff to redirect residents with difficult behaviors. Also how to release a resident grip on your arm." Activity Professional.  

"Loved the rating scale (and tool) for listening habits. I learned about elopement ideas, policies for elopement, what to do during an elopement drill and what to do during sun downing." Nursing Home Administrator

"There was a lot of information for one day. The activity resources were amazing. I plan on sharing with our activities coordinators and implementing some of the activities ASAP." LPN 

"I really appreciate all the web site links you all provide for us in the program to refer to. I learned new ways to deal with aggressive behavior." Assisted Living Administrator

"I was pleased with the resources. I learned to increase activities for the memory care unit." Nursing Home Administrator  DON  RN

"Pleased with the information, all the resources, web sites, books etc. Good review and reminders." Residence Director    


Tennessee Health Care Association
June 8th 2012
Trainers: NCCDP Corporate Staff
Lynn Biot Gordon 

"Can't wait to apply what I have learned. All was very good." Social Worker

"I was pleased with speakers ability to maintain interest in subject. I learned about working with dementia patients can be a challenge but don't ever under estimate their ability to understand and learn new things." Activity Professional

"I thought it was good. This will help me better deal with dementia patients." Activity Professional

"Very interesting." Nursing Home Administrator

"Intervention ideas for agitation and wandering very helpful." Social Worker

"I personally liked the personal aspect of both speakers. I learned about state FTAGS" LPN

"Great content, great humor and I learned about activities, staff development and much more." Nursing Home Administrator

"I learned about different activities that are available for patients, information on sexuality and intimacy, getting family more involved in care of patients, offering libraries, more support groups, family education about the disease process" LPN

"All was super!" Social Worker

"Good information." Social Worker

"Seminar was well balanced. I learned about new tag potentials" Nursing Home Administrator

"It was all good and I learned a lot of new things." It will help me in my activities program with them." Activity Professional

"Very pleased with all the resources." Social Worker

"I learned different types of dementia and who it relates to. I learned More information about reversible dementia" LPN Nurse Manager

"Lynn Biot Gordon was very energetic and I enjoyed her very much." LPN

"Sensory Room sounds very interesting." RN

"I learned about activities, life skills and stations, sensory rooms." Activity Professional

"All was great!  I learned ways to communicate with my dementia residents and I will help educate my staff. Nursing Home Administrator

"Very informative information on activities. Learned of new resources to obtain information from to provide beneficial activities." Nurse's Aide

"Content was great and liked not having not having slides read to me, much more interesting." Social Worker

"Really liked instructors practical application by giving examples. You defined my ideas because I did not under stand how to deal with repetitive behaviors and wandering." LPN

"Interesting stories relating to subject. I learned how to deal better with work and these residents and family." LPN

"Very pleased with all the knowledge of speakers. I learned a lot about dementia, Alzheimer's  specifics and cultural diversity." Nurses Aide

"Excellent seminar. Everything that you spoke about, I learned something." Staff Development Coordinator

"Instructors putting life experiences in the their presentation" LPN

"I enjoyed discussing interventions and ways to reduce stress on CNA / nursing staff. I enjoyed the sexuality portion and I will be able to in-service staff and how to address this issue." Social Worker

"I really enjoyed how they explained everything." Activity Professional

"I really liked the real life experiences and examples. I learned how to implement activities that are age appropriate for our dementia clients." CTRS

"I liked all of it. I learned we need to improve our calendar and activity programs." Activity Professional

"Loved it. I wish we had more time. I learned more inventive activities for staff trainings." LPN


Train the Trainer
June 5th 2012
Providence Rhode Island