2016 Testimonials.

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilled execution. It represents the wise choice of many" Author Unknown


Thank you for being the best part of NCCDP



Dear Ms. Stimson and Ms. Biot-Gordon,

On behalf of American Senior Communities, I would like to endorse the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.

I have had the pleasure of being both a Certified Dementia Practitioner and Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer for approximately a full decade. In that time, I have used the NCCDP Alzheimer's and Dementia Education curriculum to provide training to hundreds of dementia care team members on behalf of two LTC providers; teaching others to better serve elders living with various forms of dementia with greater efficacy and compassion.

I have found this organization to act consistently with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and customer service.  Most impressive is your continued involvement in the day to day operations of the organization, Sandra and Lynn, as you continue to assist in the service of those of us offering education in the public and professional sectors, by personally answering emails, and making phone calls to provide assistance and resolve challenges as they occur.

ASC Memory Care remains steadfast in our commitment to utilizing NCCDP products, and we were pleased to add two additional Regional CADDCT's to our Home Office Memory Care Support team this past December.  We added the additional trainers so that we may better reach more of our care community team members in the service of our elders living with A.D. and related forms of dementia.  We will also be introducing the Support Group leader certification in our Memory Care Weekly Message tomorrow, 3/26/18, that will reach all our ASC Memory Care, Community, and Regional leaders within our company to encourage them to take advantage of this exciting new certification opportunity.

Thank you for the provision of your excellent dementia training curricula, and for your support of our efforts. We look forward to future and long-lasting collaborative efforts as we continue to expand our service energies across the state of Indiana, and potentially, beyond.

Most gratefully and sincerely,

Melanie K. Perry, M.S., CDP, CADDCT
Director of Memory Care Support Services
American Senior Communities 



CADDCT Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer certification seminar
ADDC Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
November 18th 2016
NCCDP Sparta NJ Global Corporate HQ
NCCDP Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP Corporate Training

"I learned pointers on dementia care unit."

"I learned good skills for dealing with people with dementia."

"Great seminar!!!! I learned everything about a dementia resident and then some." RN

"I learned a lot of information regarding cultural differences, religious affiliations, sexuality and how they impact those with dementia> am looking forward to applying different approaches and use assessment tools such as spiritual assessments etc. going forward."
Christiania Candido Assistant Administrator

"I liked everything about the seminar, especially hospice and cultural diversity, sexuality."

"I learned more about resources available to extend further services to assist my patients. The support offered and extended for me to be successful was wonderful. Examples of situations help to present a clear perspective on the subject. Seminar was very understandable and presented in a clear perspective on subjects." Kelly Adams LPN CDP CADDCT

"I appreciated hearing some resources that I wasn't aware of before. It was enlightening to hear others are doing for dementia care around the world. I also enjoyed nellies sense of humor. A lot of material in one day however I realize why you are doing it this way"
Nettie Harper CDP CADDCT Co- Founder Inspired Memory Care

"The statistics in regard to inappropriate sexual behaviors with dementia patients, this knowledge will be beneficial in educating family members" William Maher CDP CADDCT ADC ALF Liaison

"The statistics of those diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer's disease at the rates that they are increasing was very surprising and as well as many famous people suffered from the disease. The information on how to deal with clients who are sexually inappropriate was also very insightful and I will be extremely helpful to the caregivers that we supervise.:
Tiffany Ewell CDP CADDCT Facility Liaison

"This seminar allowed me to understand the disease, process and care of family members." Phyliss RN

"I learned about activities" CNA

"I learned about LGBT" ACD

"I learned about interventions tips and strategies for communicating and interacting with individuals with AD and dementia will assist me with providing assistance and support to the families." Meredith Freeman LSW Resident Services Director Social Worker

"Very helpful in caring for my mom" Linda

"I learned how to deal with my residents better, activities and to think outside the box." Jean RN

"I learned about activities for dementia patients." LPN

"I learned different techniques and ideas for working with my dementia patients." Linda PT


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer certification seminar
ADDC Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
December 1st 2016
Tampa Florida
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP Corporate Training

"I learned about CMS focused dementia care survey, initial assessments need to be more in-depth. It was fantastic!"
Robin Barrett CADDCT CDP

"How to explain the differences in dementia, individualized care and attitudes of a changing world"
Andrew Sackaris RN CDP CADDCT CDCM

"Instructor was wonderful. This seminar was extremely helpful in contributing to focus on my master's thesis. Most likely the topic will be the LGBT and dementia care." Linda Benner RN BSN CDP CADDCT

"I have learned how to conduct the seminar, useful resources and I will apply everything I learned in the future teaching the ADDC seminar." Monica Torres CDP CADDCT

"I learned about Alzheimer's disease and dementia care" Javier Lopez CDP CADDCT

"I learned different ways to engage my patient. Also to keep thinking outside the box. Detailed ways to approach catastrophic reactions." Abby LPN CNA

"Various beneficial ways to care for patients and provide quality of life with dementia." Christopher ADC

"The entire seminar was educational and will prove helpful in my career"

"The future as it applies to the speakers discussion was very thought provoking." Debbie RN

"I learned many things today. I will be using a lot of this information in the new memory care that will be opening in 2017." Patricia Meyer Memory Care Program Manager

"Clinical breakdown of terms and statistics will help contribute to my knowledge of dementia and Alzheimer's patients. This will better help me to improve my approach to improving my patients qualify of life."
McKenzie Malone Regional Qualify of Life Director Signature Home Now

"Broadened knowledge to work with patients and caregivers on daily basis"
Evan Zelden Owner Helping Seniors


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer certification seminar
ADDC Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
Washington DC
November 5 2016
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Danielle Micale VP Corporate training

" I learned CMS 3 new phases with changes to resident centered and all dementia staff training. Additional questions with the initial assessments. Excellent" Linda Janet Gerontologist

"Too much to list. It was great" Mallory Porter ADC

"I learned new ways to problem solving. I would apply this knowledge by encouraging family and staff and others on how to develop creative interventions to every day challenges." Carolyn Galloway CADDCT Erickson Living Continuing Care Program III

"I did not know the difference between palliative and hospice care before now. Good information on how to present, where to get started, suggestions on starting a business as a trainer. Great presenter, very personable."
Virginia Simmons CTRS Arts Fusion Specialist Alzheimer's Association.


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer certification seminar
ADDC Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
Minneapolis MN
October 18th 2016
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Sandra Stimson CEO

"I loved the activity ideas such as the picture books." Shelly Hasteadalen Activity Director

"I learned different ways of handling residents when having behaviors. The presentation was very interactive with participants role playing trough out the seminar. The discussion and comments from various places where the individuals worked with examples I am excited to do the class for my employees where I work"
Julie Pakonen CADDCT

"Working closer with family and that it's okay to ask. The more you know the better the care. I learned to have a floor plan for evacuation in home care." Mary

"I learned about elopement issues and policies and procedures" Valerie Skarphol Activity Director

"I learned about policies that need to be in place" Jackie Clark LPN

"I learned that to treat people differently. Monitor for noise levels. Many resources for training provided." Karen Ernst

"Possibly with funds available will do the trainer class. I learned about resources to use and opportunities to learn, best practices, class ran smoothly" Michelle Muller

"I learned more about how to help families in our practice and to adjust to life with a family member with early stages of dementia. Kelly Matson Mental Health Professional

"I learned so much more about the day to day events of someone with Alzheimer's living at a nursing home or assisted living. This helps my work with them in mental health capacity when they come to see them. Primary care doctors the more we know, the more we can understand and help." Mental Health Practitioner

" I learned about living their reality. I have always done similar things, but this was more detailed , lots of information to reinforce and remind what was already known. I am hoping to utilize this knowledge to move into dementia unit// administrator role. Liz

"Resources and materials and web site information and policies to have in place. I liked the bulleted presentation." Jill RN


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer certification seminar
ADDC Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
November 3rd 2016
Chicago IL
NCCDP Trainer: Lynn Biot Gordon Co-Founder

"( I learned) about new interventions and will provide to the staff."
Dr Stelter Operations Director The Alden Network

" I am new to the working in this industry and found the presentation to be very informative and engaging. Lynn is delightful and I will look for other trainings she is facilitating. There was nothing displeasing in regards to the presentation."
Sheryl Taubin Director of Client Care Comforcare

"Chapter on sexuality was interesting to learn more about what is coming down the pipeline. Terms, gearing education towards LBGTQ. Bringing education back to family and staff." Nicole Chalira Activity Director Memory Care Manager

"I learned and was reminded of ways to communicate with patients with dementia. Ways to educate and help patients and safety. Both in and outside the home. I loved the presentation the stories and the energy making the material usable." Lisa Dizon Speech Language Pathologist

"I learned the differences between delirium and dementia, how to identify the 7 stages of dementia and how Alzheimer's presents itself and the stages." Lisa McShane

"I learned that during the late stages of dementia it is important to live in their reality and use validation. I liked the stories the presenter told. Speech Language Pathologist

"How to better interact and care for people and residents suffering from dementia and their families." Stephanie Tuntner Sales Manager

" I learned more specifi ally technology available to aid in health monitoring of the resident." Callie Malone CTRS

"I learned about many great topics to in-service my staff about. Also learned some changes I can make in my activity department." CTRS

"What I learned is about how to make peace with residents with dementia and have them share their inner spirits."

"Great presenter-energy is contagious" Bea

"Most of this was review but I will use the 3 tiered process, screening for depression and check all appliances for items before using it." Sue LPC

"Most of it was review for me but I learned additional information on wandering and depression." Bonnie LPC

"I learned about the different types of dementia, was not aware of the many different types." Marie VP Operations


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification seminar
ADDC Alzheimer' s disease Dementia Care Seminar
Las Vegas NV
October 14th 2016
NCCDP Trainer: Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP CADDCT

"So many things on so many different levels (that I learned). I learned to truly appreciate the spirit of my resident. I learned approaches to residents with specific issues. The class was great. Lynn is a joy to listen to. So much knowledge and so willing to share." Betty McKay

"Validated my experience in caring for clients with Alzheimer' s and dementia but added detail and structure to sexuality. Added resources and a great structured curriculum to help educate others. Great material, presenter and delivery."

"Format of information to share with others and ways to handle activities and behaviors ( I learned)."

"Reality orientation is not important, but joy and quality of life is. As an investigator of fact it is important for me to be aware of this in relation to Alzheimer's disease and dementia." Tyler W

"In teaching the seminar in Washington County and hoping to increase dementia capability in our community across several agencies." Kim Jackson Older Adult Program Coordinator

"Looking intentionally what has been done, communication skills, dementia is a symptom not a diagnosis, these re skills I can apply doing case consults. A lot of topics that were covered, I was interested in more detail about specific diagnosis, parts of the brain impacted, what limitations, and interventions based on those limitations." LCSW

"I learned that the resident spirit is still with them." Maxine Behavior Unit Manager

"I learned a lot about spirituality"

" A grand overview for caring for persons living with cognitive impairment disease and top notch presentations."
Bryan, Gerontologist

" I have a better understanding of dementia"

"I learned about creating moments of joy, read this and implement in working with volunteers. "
Jill Smith RN Director of Volunteers


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Certification Seminar
ADDC Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
November 2 2016
Durham NC
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP Marketing and Corporate Training

"I learned about purposeful living"
Pamela Turpin CDP CADDCT

"Hope to expand my treatment with the aging populations."
Nancy Wilt CDP CADDCT Clinical Councilor Associate Director of Admissions

"I learned short activities are most effective with dementia neighborhood, different types of dementias."
Lee Ann Bailey Clayton CDP CADDCT Director of Health Services

"Increased my knowledge for caring for dementia and Alzheimer's patients"
Jacqueline Smith CDP CADDCT

"I learned about framing my calendars, a few new activities to add, changing our pain scales, how can our dementia residents tell us their levels of pain. Documenting what our wanderers are wearing, switching our fall signs, vive tube, cherry pops (for repetitive words), that I need more information on residents before they move in. there was no part of the seminar that was displeasing." Michelle Ghant APBC Life Enrichment Assistant

"I learned about care planning, making sure the care plan is hitting all the needs of the residents no matter what the need is. I had no idea so many activities needed to be care planned, great way to cover the facility."

"We were guilty of getting on a lengthy discussion of topic. I learned many things unaware of. I have a lot of homework to do. I appreciate the education and I learned a lot." Amanda Buck Community Liaison

"Gained tons of resource information. Very open and direct. Information that is so critical to dementia care. Instructor was amazing. Lisa McCormick RN

"I learned a lot about dementia and Alzheimer's that has been updated since I last attended a workshop. I can better proceed with my job and how I approach each individual resident and situation." Torya Smith CNA Med Tech

" I learned about different verbiage to use, new training resources and new ideas. Nellie was great, nothing that was displeasing." Jennifer Kea Activities Coordinator

"I learned that to balance activities and have quiet time, 90 second response to questions, varied resources, nellie was fabulous." Katie Cioninger CNA

"The different activities that will reach the resident interests. Some rights residents have that I did not know they needed, the web sites that I can get activities off of. Some things I didn't know was a restraint." Shaquan McCachin

"I learned many different techniques to make my residents everyday life better. All the information on cultures and life styles will help me to become better and better at all different roles of my career. Thank you!" Hayden Cramer CNA

"To listen to the residents more and let them talk and everything was good."

"New ideas especially in regards to culture." Marjorie Peila PT



CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
ADDC Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
Montana Geriatric Center
October 27th 2016
NCCDP Trainer: Lynn Biot Gordon Co-Founder

"I am excited to present such informative information to assist my staff"

"Lynn mixed knowledge and personal experience. As a spouse of someone with dementia and a professional I hope to apply this same technique as a trainer. Hard to keep attention over a long day but well worth it."
Beth Wick LCSW

"Much of the training reinforced my validation and DAC training. The stories relate and the interaction is great"
Pamela Longmire RT BAS LTC DAC QI Specialist

"Comprehensive, plus marketing and training opportunities seem endless and helps carry out state plan for AD related dementia." Owner

"I loved the spirit honoring your elders, type of talk. I think it doesn't happen often enough to talk about metaphysical component of health care persons in general. It is so much packed into a single day. The group needed to talk. I wish it was a weekend retreat."
Carrie CTRS

"Energies presenter was wonderful sharing of other state regulations. Good presentation of materials, made interesting by stories." Constance CTRS

"I loved hearing the examples or interventions. Best dementia class I have ever taken. A lot of information in one day."

"So much it is hard to summarize. I look forward to reading more and understanding better how to present this very important information. It was great!"
Jamie RN

"So many wonderful things. Your way of making dementia less sad is just amazing. Thank you for re instilling the wonder and I hope that his disease can bring."
Jenny LCSW

"I liked elements on sexuality." Geriatric Educator

"Knowledge I learned related to activities"

"I liked the ability to further teach groups."

"We are all in this together and we need to respect everyone and together this will be a better world." RN

"This is really good knowledge in the notebook and going to take time to go through it all. Excited to get into it."

"Lynn really reinforced what I discovered early on working with people with dementia, the transformative aspect of living with this disease for both patient, caregiver and family. Thank you. "
Aubrey MSW

"Techniques to give caregivers to allow them to interact and provide moments of joy for the dementia patient and peace for the caregiver."

"I am a hospice social worker and will use this information on home visits. Good reminder of the benefit of kind, compassionate care" LCSW

"The importance of communication and feelings and tone, body, language, eye contact. I will pass on this information to my staff of direct care providers to use in their daily interactions with clients. It's a long training session." Respite Program Coordinator


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer certification seminar
ADDC Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
October 18th 2016
Minneapolis MN
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Sandra Stimson CEO

"I learned different ways of handling residents when having behaviors."
Julie Pakonen CDP CADDCT

"Working closer with families and that it is ok to ask, the more you know, the better the care. Have a floor plan for evacuation."
Home Care Manager

"I learned about elopement issues, policies, procedures" Activities Director

"I learned about policies that need to be in place" LPN MC Manager

"I learned treat different people differently, monitor noise levels, many resources provided for training." RN

"Resources to use, opportunities to learn, best practices. Class ran smoothly." Spiritual Manager

"Learned more about how to help families in our practice to adjust to life with a family member with early stages of dementia. " Mental Health Professional

"I learned so much more about the day to day events of someone with Alzheimer's living at a nursing home and assisted living. This helps me work with them in a mental health capacity when they come see their primary care doctors, the more we know the more we can help the understand." Mental Health Practitioners

"Living their reality. I've always done similar things, but this was more detailed. Lots of information to reinforce and remind what was already known. I am hoping to utilize this knowledge to move into dementia unit administrator role."

"I learned resources, materials on web sites, types of policies and procedures to have in place, liked the bulleted presentation" RN Program Manager

"loved the activity ideas" Activity Director


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer certification seminar
ADDC Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
Louisville KY
October 1st 2016
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Danielle Micale VP Corporate Training

"I learned better ideas for policy and procedures in memory care units. Danielle had great clinical knowledge and was a dynamic speaker."
Courtney Martin CDP CADDCT
Masonic Homes
Director of Programs and Memory Care

"I learned about LGBTOI and sexual and cultural competence are very relevant in our changing world and need to be acknowledged and addressed"
Advocates in Action

"Deepened my knowledge and confirmed by ability to train staff and assist and educate families."
Sarayln Powerll SSD AD CDP CADDCT
Memory Care Unit Manager

"I learned specifics abou certain dementias, great resources to implement, being more descriptive with intake and assessments upon admission."
Kristin Townsley
Traditions at Solomon

"I learned so much from this seminar. I am going to try to save money so I can become a trainer. I was interested the whole time. Seminar was great."
Program Director

"The elopement risk assessment and the web site and books to read" CNA

"Strategies for wandering and elopement, resources offered, walking about, phenomenal, excellent training session." OT

"I learned about a memory care café and being patient and learned the difference between dementia and Alzheimer's and how to change my unit into their home and not an institution. I enjoyed myself." Activity Director

"Dementia Neumonic which I have taught but this wraps it up much nicer, video and you tube resources, care giver bill of rights, I love this for family training. I loved your Daniell-isms!" RN Education Director

"Great information to help me be a better care provider." MSN RN


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Certification Seminar
ADDC Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
October 4th 2016
Orlando Florida
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Lynn Biot Gordon CFO

"I feel that I have expanded my tool kit to give more options for working with patients that have dementia. My favorite quote "dementia takes away everything that you have learned and leaves you with your soul" Latasha Hawk Rehab Director

"The facts and statistics were helpful. The content will help when working with our clients and conducting assessments. Also helpful when conducting facility tours." Veronica

"I will incorporate techniques and practices to keep PT more involved and actively involved in a meaningful way." Stephen PTA


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Certification seminar
ADDC Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
August 9th 2016
Philadelphia PA
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Danielle Micale VP Corporate Training

"Increased knowledge with working with cognitive impaired residents. Learned helpful insights on many topics that effect the care of holistic nursing. I appreciated the training that Daniel shared from her personal journey with her grandmother."
Janie Martin LPN CDP CADDDCT Clincal Care Coordinator

"I learned a lot but sexuality was outstanding for me. I will be able to pass on this information to my staff."
Nurse Educator

"I learned other approaches for clients as well as the business aspect for educating staff."
Educator Eastern tech Community Nursing Face to Face

"You are terrific Danielle. Great trainer. God Bless You. Thank you. I learned about everything. I plan to share with health administrator."

"I learned examples from dining, red plate increased consumption. White bread often mistaken for a napkin. Activity examples and infection control issues, I learned, great ideas for activities. Everything was great." RN

"(I learned) Evaluating new residents upon admissions The bigger questions and information that would be beneficial for assessing prior to admission and providing and implementing the care needed." LPN Coordinator

"I learned behind every behavior there are unmet physical or emotional needs and it's our job to figure it out." PC Administrator

"I learned many tactics and strategies for caring for clients." Home Care Owner

"I learned strategies for dealing with various difficult behaviors" Agency Owner

"The seminar increased my knowledge about understanding Alzheimer's disease and dementia care and how to better deliver care to my clients. All caregivers and providers should make effort to attend of these seminars." RN

"I learned more on communication skills between residents and families members also about behavior and hoarding." Nurse

"I learned various communication techniques and how to deal with sexuality in the elderly in a person care home environment." Dementia Floor manager

"Danielle was a great trainer. Example with her stories makes it real. Answered questions with great insight and knowledge and loved every minute" Thank you Activity Director

"I learned to educate primary caregivers about Dementia and Alzheimer's care" LPC

"I learned to listed to the melody behind the word, what words do they know?" Activities

"How to better handle situations that involve behaviors and engaging with them in a meaningful activities" Activities Professional

"More aware of issues of sexuality in Alzheimer's care" Health Coach

"I learned a lot about types of dementia" PCA LPN


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer certification seminar
ADDC Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
September 13th 2016
Sparta NJ
NCCDP Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP Marketing and Corporate Training

"I learned about Sexuality part of the program and also activity references." PTA

"I learned about ideas for environment, elopement, activities" PTA

"I learned about cultural diversity, understanding different religions, faiths, understanding how important religion is to residents." Recreation Therapist

"How to organize and present the materials in a useable format, practical format. The class was well done, geared towards making the participant comfortable and successful as a trainer and educator."
Deborah Schwehdiman MATS CDP CADDCT
Community Services Clinical Manager
Senior Care Inc

"Learned more on meds able to explain better to others, sexuality was new to me, like the way it was explained."

"Excellent training, good examples, answered all my questions, very good.!"
Lori Weckesser RN BSN CDP CADDCT
CMHS Group

"Review of what I knew, new approaches, learning of these approaches for the dementia resident."
Delores Shaw RN CDP CADDCT
Director of Clinical Services and Education
Exceptional Living Centers

"I learned about sexuality in-services you offer" Eleanor Barnes CDP CADDCT CDCM Activity Director


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
ADDC Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
September 8th 2016
Tarrytown NJ
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP Marketing and Corporate Training

"I learned various ways to present information in the training, keeping the class engaged and interested in the materials. The instructor was very knowledgeable regarding subject matter and made it very easy to engage in the class."

"Excellent teaching strategies! This training made me see dementia in a different perspective. Innovative approaches vs dementia mentioned in the course are excellent and very interesting"
Christopher de la Victoria RN MSN CMSRN CSRN CDP CADDCT

"I learned more information on dementia and Alzheimer's, current trends in caring for residents with dementia, recreational activities section was very beneficial." RN

"Comprehensive dementia care, I will work towards looking outside the box in the future work with this population" ACC

"I learned that our facility needs a lot of in-services training on how to deal with our dementia patients. Most of our environment needs to be more resident friendly. As for our activity calendar, we are doing well but learned some new tips. Learned there are many ways to make life so much easier for residents and staff." Susan Morris CTRS ACC

"More understanding about Alzheimer's disease and dementia" Georgina Owner Global Care Services

"So much to bring back to my facility, a lot of great topics for in-services" RN Director of Education

"Greater knowledge of dementia care, planning a memory care unit and wonderful information and resources. It was excellent. "
Tammy Wiegand Director of Nursing

" Different examples to tap into for memory care. Engaging residents to distract from Negative behaviors and I learned the importance of sharing dementia care and Alzheimer's information with staff to insure best care possible to the population we serve." RN

"I will apply interventions learned in my work and as content for in-services for our CNA's and caregivers."

"Very good materials, smart speaker, thank you nellie, safety procedures, great ideas for services for effective intervention and approaches" CTRS

"Being more sensitive to residents reality and being able to adapt and live their truth. , Wealth of knowledge provided." Recreation Director

"Creative ways to deal with both residents and families."

"Good references cited and some good specific tips for policy development, specific strategies for behavior management, a good service reminder."


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
ADDC Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
Pittsburg PA
September 2nd 2016
NCCDP Instructor: Danielle Micale VP of Corporate Training

"I learned about new stats, great presenting style, new resources. Danielle is a wonderful knowledgeable and well prepared instructor. Her class was fund and timely"
Mandy McCrackens-Atkins Owner PTA ATRIC CDP CADDCT

"I learned how to better present sexuality, more about dementia focused survey, technology apps for dementia care, time management."
Tara Garmier LPN CDP CADDCT CDCM Memory Care coordinator

"I learned and reinforced knowledge already know and gained new information, how to organize materials for presentation, created ideas who to market programs to, gained new information on intimacy and sexuality."
Danielle Micale Owner Comforcare Homecare CDP CADDCT

"A better way to discuss sexuality and intimacy. I also liked the examples of ice breakers and exercises that elicited self-exploration as well as giving you a sense of what a resident may experience. I also appreciated discussion on difference in spirituality and religion."
Beth McCalpin Director of Social Work BSRS CDP CADDCT CDCM


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification seminar
ADDC Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
August 5th 2016
Richmond VA
NCCDP Trainer: Danielle Micale Vice President Corporate Training

"Links and resources are valuable." Administrator

"I learned more about the different types of dementia and how to mold the care to each type. I learned ideas to engage the staff in training." Client Care Manager

"I learned general and specific tips on how to do better."

"I learned practical assessment practices, techniques for hoarding, repetitive behaviors, elopement and wander, risk assessment ERA, train facilitate changes in company policies and procedures, noise study awesome idea, sexuality discussion and interventions and strategies for the staff. All the information was helpful and insightful."
Cathy Ferstl Director Training Harmony Senior Services

"I learned about the types of dementia, knowing specific diagnosis will assist in expected symptoms."

"Pseudo Dementia irreversible ( I learned about), how to be more patient centered when doing an assessment and so much more. Great job!" Social Service Coordinator

"I learned the difference between person centered and what we think is person centered. I am looking forward to improving activities I provide to be more person centered." Neille Bralley Activity Director

" I learned how to educate others on caring for those with dementia. I like to begin educating others also." COTA

"What didn't I learn? If nothing else, there was an incredible amount of resources provided. I feel that I gained a great broad amount of knowledge in different approaches to dementia care" Activities Assistant

"I learned so much but the following really stood out. 1. I learned about apps available and materials received as resources, 2. The research data and what it represents for nursing 3. Dr. Elliot neumonic and aging dementia challenges for caregivers Excellent Presentation!." ADON

"More specific ways to develop individualized plan of care for each dementia resident to improve their quality of life, learned more resident specific interventions and approaches along with important questions to add to the assessment process." Melissa Markoff RN WCC DP CADDCT

"Wonderful personalized experiences brought topics to life, lots of tools to consider for mu presentation technique. I will teach materials to provide tools and inspiration for dementia caregivers." Particia Gaudio DC ADC MC CDP CADDCT


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Trainer CERTFICATION seminar
Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Seminar ADDC
July 22nd 2016
Jacksonville Florida
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Danielle Micale VP of Corporate Training

"A lot of great resources nationally and worldwide. Great flow to an all day class. Danielle is great!!!"
Director of Memory Care
Encore at Avalon

"Observing training instructors and additional educations from last class I will apply all that I learned."
Area Director
Autumn Leaves

"Wow! My second time through the CDP seminar and I learned so much more. Danielle is fantastic- confident, knowledgable and a skilled presenter."
Executive Director
Barrinton Terrace

"I learned how research on dementia Alzheimer's disease innovations and evident in nursing practice on Alzheimer's disease."
Elvira Agustin CDP CADDCT

"Overview of Alzheimer's disease. Danielle presentation was awesome."

"I learned so much today. A fantastic class and a great course. I learned about creating specific policies, ideas of what might be included"
General Manager
Memory Care Systems

"Using the scent with a sock in the bag for wanderers"

"Great list of resources in book and web sites, I liked the knowledge and energy of Danielle"
Bebe Kelly Home Care Consultant

"I learned about communication of the disease. I will now be able to have a better understanding of what my patient are trying to get in my career"
Kay Staytny PT

"I learned so much, various levels of Alzheimer's, medications, intake, how the drugs can offset ones behavior if given too much. The session was very informative, very compassionate and knowledgeable, also liked sexuality and intimacy chapter. Most SNFS do not have policies (on sexuality) and im glad to address issues and orient staff, residents and family members."
Paula Yorker
Alzheimer's Program Manager

"Validation-delusion-hallucination, sexuality ( I learned). Put all in good practice and learn more from it. Educate staff and family members on these topics"

"I will use the wandering information sheet"

"I learned about the red plate survey and information, good resources, excellent seminar."
Gail Boylan RN MSN

"I learned a lot that will help me in my engaging and forming a new adult day health care in the near future, learned a lot about wandering and safe guarding."

"Danielle was excellent so extremely knowledgeable and very interesting. The day went by so fast. I have not experienced before such a good class."
Ellen Schmidt RN

" I liked the resources, tools, enjoyed the class and participants and instructor."
A Smith RN


Vermont Health Care Association Private Training
July 20th 2016
Corporate Trainer: Lynn Biot Gordon Co-Founder

"This was a wonderful and comprehensive over view of both dementia care content and presentation and recommendations informed by Lynn Biot Gordons breadth of experience. Thank you Lynn"
Michelle Champoux MSW LICSW CDP CADDCT VT Oasis Coach


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification seminar
Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
St Louis MO
July 12th 2016
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP of Corporate Training

"Watching the way the instructor taught the group was a good model for future trainings." Candice Viero CDP CADDCT

"The course gave me new insight into areas I want to share with others staff at the facility I work in." Elizabeth Heard Chaplain CDP CADDCT

"We reviewed dementia care and organizational cultural changes." RN Unit Manger

"I do think it is important to raise awareness on LGBT and sexuality, tattoos, piercings and it's in our near future and care takers and facilities need to get educated on it." Assistant Manager

"Nellie is very knowledgeable. Best when we discuss particular scenarios we all relate to. She was helpful with , she is very pleasant. Executive Director Memory Care

"Excellent trainer and class and notebook, she took time for questions." Cynthia Dabbs Speech Pathologist

"I had similar classes but new ideas were presented." Executive Director


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification seminar
Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
Riverside CA
July 8th 2016
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP of Corporate Training

"Everything I learned has numerous practical applications to my work and future career goals. There are far too many specifics to name (that I was pleased with). Not a moment of this course was a waste of time. It was everything and more than what I wanted. "

"The importance of training front line staff on dementia and interventions and tools to provide quality of care." Cathy Sellers CDP CADDCT

"I learned a lot more about dementia and learned some good interventions for residents with behaviors. I learned good ideas for dining programs. I liked the examples that were used and were very helpful." Administrator

"I learned important questions to ask caregivers and family members that I will add to m initial assessments and care plans. I also learned better ways of working with dementia clients and advice to give the facilities I visit. " RN Care Coordinator

"Too many things to list. But this course will definitely help me to increase the value of our services to our Alzheimer's disease dementia residents." LVN

" I learned about being more spiritual and marketing ideas."

"I loved the piece on spirituality, never get information on that." Director of Welbrook Senior living


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
NCCDP Corporate Office Sparta NJ
June 28 2016
NCCDP Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP Corporate Training

"I learned a great deal about different dementia, care giver needs, recommendations on activities programs, how to handle problems on aggression, emotion, sexuality, help with marketing."

"I learned new termonlogies, new dementia stages, both will increase clarification for care givers."
Kristine Allen CDP CADDCT President Act Now Foundation

"Nellie was wonderful, the class was informative and professional. She was very knowledgeable, the class was excellent."
Samantha Newman Webster LNHA CDP CADDCT Administrator

"I learned about caring and understanding the dementia patient" LPN

"I have learned several new approaches to handling the care of my patients that will allow me to provide better care." Alexandria Bailey


NADONA National Conference
Austin TX
June 25th 2016
NCCDP Trainer: Danielle Micale VP Corporate Training

"Danielle is an excellent presenter. The content was organized beautifully and even as a nurse with over 13 years' experience in dementia care, I was able to learn so much. I cannot wait to share the content with my staff and I know it will further raise the level of care and services in my community."
Misty Miller BSN RN DNS-CT CALA CDP CADDCT Regional Health Services Director

"(I learned) Presentation techniques, more in-depth information on the subject matter"
Merlene Foster Coke RN MSN C NE CDP CADDCT Regional Director of Clinical Services Centers Health Care

"Lots of great information! Lots of tips re: environmental space, red plate study, barrier tap vs. stop signs, etc. Delusional vs. hallucinations, loved the personal stories. Lots of information to digest but presented very well."
Teresa Bates CALM CDP CADDCT Executive Director Health Services

"(I learned) the visual impairments and the way individual sees color. I was pleased with all of it. It was well covered"
April Puckett RN CDP CADDCT DON Friendship Village

"(I learned) better communication skills, red plates study, falls are preventable but not all are"
Kristal Mading CALA LPN CDP CADDCT Gold Star

"(I learned) how to best sequence the lessons in a meaningful format. Held groups attention the entire time, well-spoken educator."
Colleen Ariola RN DNP MSN-HCSM CDP CADDCT VP Patient Care Services Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care Rehabilitation

"I learned how to train my staff on how to manage residents and dementia Alzheimer's, interventions are great"
Patrick Paro RN BSN CADDCT CDP Regional Nurse

"Excellent presentation, really helped to have review of information and hear it presented in a different way. Will use all of it, plan to use the elopement risk assessment immediately, sexuality piece helpful in own to present"
Cheryl Waters RN MSN CDP CADDCT Director of Assisted Living Memory Care and Educations Services

"(I learned) further dementia information, also marketing ideas, very very interesting speaker, clearly knowledgeable and passionate."
Karen Buck MEd LNFA CDP CADDCT Administrator Cleveland Health Care Center

"I learned other resourceful and innovative ideas that other places and agencies are implementing in management of behavioral concerns on people with dementia"
Christine Caguioa BSN RN DON CDP CADDCT

"I learned about catastrophic reactions, hoarding, what impact these mental health issues have on patients and staff coping strategies along suggestions for alternative ideas to keep patients cope as well."
Robin Zemala RN BSN CDONA WCC CDP CADDCT Director of Clinical Operations Senior Care Group


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
June 13th 2016
NCCDP Corporate Trainer Danielle Micale VP Corporate Training

"All information needed to be a CADDCT plus additional resources, hints, etc. to be even more effective as a trainer." Kimberly Braham Moody NHA CEA CDP CADDCT

"Different ways to think out of the box, approaches and redirection with dementia residents. Also information on different types of dementia. Tracy Medina LPN CDP CADDCT

"The seminar was very educational. Knowledge will be applied to assist with caregivers in their homes." Nurse

"Wandering assessment is so helpful and insightful, need to implement, references for elder abuse and neglect SAGE references great course, Danielle was great." PT

"Dementia care for staff practical applications. Danielle is incredible." RN


CT Association of Therapeutic Recretion Directors
June 17th 2016
CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care seminar
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Lynn Biot Gordon Co-Founder

"Thank you for bring this lecturer for us to enable us to become certified. I learned about wandering preparedness dealing with families, high context and low context people. Lynn made the long day tolerable though, her intelligence and style. " TRD

"Taught me new ways to approve certain issues with residents."

"How to explain to others how to be empathetic towards residents with melody of voice, body language etc. It was wonderful." TR Director

"Aspects of dementia care and the disease process through stories of real life events and interventions. It was very informative, great continuing education." Director of Recreation

"Wonderful program" Assistant Director of Recreation

"The seminar validates what I have done and practiced for over thirty years. speaker was great. My spirit is renewed, thanks to the seminar." Director of Recreation.

"Refresher of things I have known but haven't utilized in a while" CTRS

" I learned specifically how to be a better caregiver over all. Everything was important Nothing less than anything else. I will use it all." Activities Coordinator

"How to treat clients who come onto us inappropriately"

"Love the body pillow idea Honestly love the enthusiasm." TRD

"Wandering kits, great idea. bus stop sign on wall." Rec Director

"I learned how to better serve my residents."

"Seminar was very good."

"Great breakdown of different types of Alzheimer's dementia. Lots of great ideas, not tip chairs, sing a good melody with voice and nonverbal."

"Interested I plan on speaking with my current employer about utilization if I do become certified. New different techniques and approaches to the cognitively impaired residents, care giver support and information." TRA

" I learned something from each module." Director of Recreation

"I gained more updated information." CTRS

"This was a wonderful review of courses I have taken in college and a wonderful conference of sharing ideas and stories. Thank you TRD

"Great overall ideas! Love how we are given suggestions about dealing with staff and team challenges. " Director of Recreation

" I learned the spirit lives. " TRD

"Important to uncovering causes for behavior and will apply this knowledge on the job" TRD

"Excellent presentation"

"I learned that the Spirit lives." TRD

"I am thinking about how I will grow in the profession. Great resources, web sites I will be utilizing, speaking to families." Recreation Coordinator

"Some Asian traditions, information to utilize in in-services for CNA's

"Just staying updated on resources and information" Director

"The different types of dementia." TRD

"I learned the signifiance of hoarding. There is a melody behind your speech. their changing habits, their perspectives, Nano technology vests and home for vitals." TR

"To explore Alzheimer's disease and dementia on internet, in other countries, the way technology can be used, the exampled Mrs. Gordon used to convey meaning with material was very good." Director of TR

"I learned about memory care unties in Australia's were very interesting and I would love to tell my administrator. Very exciting news. Fantastic idea offering this today."

"good web sites recommended. search globally for Alzheimer's information and programs."

" I learned new resources, new tips with approaching and communicating with residents in distress. "

"I learned why sun downing occurs and different interventions to get through that time. I also learned about relationships between residents and how to deal with a situation currently going on at work. Great speaker." CTRS

"I learned different types of programming for the dementia populations. Different types of dementia. Different types of remedies will apply new activities in programming." Recreation Therapists


Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care seminar
June 2016
Andover Sub acute and Nursing Home
Corporate Trainer: Lynn Biot Gordon Co-Founder

"I learned a lot about the symptoms and signs. Knowing the difference between the one symptoms and another. Learning patients and different techniques to deal with different situations. I was pleased with the whole seminar." CNA

"I will use singular words more frequently. IP. I will hold up two colors and ask which one and I will keep it simple?" Recreation Aide

"I learn how to approach residents with Alzheimer's disease and dementia and how to care for them. I enjoyed all aspects of the seminar. " CNA

"I learned a lot about the symptoms and signs. Knowing the difference between the one symptoms and another. Learning patients different techniques and how to deal with situations. I was pleased with the entire seminar. CNA

"I learned more ideas about activities." Recreation Aide

"I learned additional activities to use with groups and how to handle Dementia Alzheimer's residents." Recreation

"I learned to stay calm and redirect. Go where they are." LPN

"We learned how to approach resident with dementia and how to appreciate and take calm them. We all enjoyed all aspects of the seminar. Everything was well implemented." CNA

"I learned how to approach the resident with dementia and the Alzheimer's and to care for them. My other aides enjoy the programmer it was a good seminar." CNA

"A lot about Alzheimer's dementia care more than I knew before. Now I feel better prepared to do my job. Lynn was awesome, easy to listen to and funny She made us feel she can relate to us. It was a pleasure." CNA

"How to better deal with residents and treat them in different ways when they are upset, or having a bad day. " things were repeated more than once." CNA

"That not many coworkers here have common sense. You should treat others the way you would like to be treated if you were in their shoes. I knew most of it. But learned new this , how to deal with wandering, if our work place had more we could do our jobs a lot better, because we would have the right (knowledge) tools." Recreation staff

'What I learned at the seminar, was how to understand what the residents are experiencing and how to demonstrate a clear example of understanding their problems. This class help me understand and further my education Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Thank you"

"be more understandable, passionate patient, positive while caring and involved with the patients' lives. Understand their world they live in, treat them with dignity, respectful of their ways." CNA

"I learned how to interact with the residents better." Recreation Aide

"I have a better understanding of dementia." Recreation Aide


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
Indianapolis Indiana
June 9th 2016
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP Corporate Training

"Already completed program, I am taking the CADDCT class. I will apply all that I learned with each module to teach others within my organization and community. I appreciate all the direction with resources." Karen Ayersman HFA CDP CADDCT

"I learned about culture and diversity. "

"Sexuality was new to me. Teaching it anyways. This is a much needed area or discussion in all our homes. I am glad I will be teaching it" Kim Frantz RNBC LBA

"So many great ideas for in-services of staff and ways to improve around our building and elopement committee."

"Some great interventions for behaviors that might be seen with patients- will use with CNA education. Quite a few ideas of things I will use in the classroom-visual demo of hand holding to demo neuro transmitters and communication of messages." RN BSN

"Up to date information, challenges to LGBT dementia care. Helped me to have a basis of more ideas to use in writing a proposal for dementia advocacy program in our facility." RN

" I learned new information, validation of previous training." HFA

"Mainly new examples and adjustments that have been created in dementia care" Administrator

"Information regarding LGBT and community and sexuality," Activity Director

"Very well rounded course with several great recommendations and I will use the knowledge to educate front line clinicians providing hands on care." CSA


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
ADDC Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
May 19th 2016
San Diego CA
NCCDP Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP of Corporate Training

"Excellent ideas on running innovative activities and a great idea on how to gain CNA / Activity Department buy in and develop a team work atmosphere between the two". Susan Goenova CDP CADDCT

"The resources section was helpful and I liked all of the ideas Nellie gave us. The certification part will successfully fulfill what our grant giver wants. Nikki Caldwell MSN

"I learned more broad knowledge of dementia and how to care for these patients and I'm very excited to share this knowledge back home with my colleagues." Ashley Lautar NP C HNB -BC CDP CADDCT

"Great suggested resources" Diana Santana

"The seminar included approaches to sue with patients, families, staff all of which I can use every day. I also will utilize the references provided by the class. I really enjoyed this class. Thank you." Stacey Dickmann RSD

"The course was very informative which I can pass on to my field staff and other part time staff. The course will really help me how to effectively provide card and communicate with dementia patients and helping the care givers and family as well." Sylvia

"Different types of medication and there side effects. Also going over different web sites that can assist us. Nothing about the seminar displeased me." Mary Davis

"There were many activity discussions that kept my interest." Christine Cortes


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Trainer certification seminar
Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
May 24th 2016
Denver Colorado
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP Corporate Training

"I learned how to better care for your dementia populations. Be able to do trainings to caregivers as well as be a resource." Deb Maquire LPN CDP CADDCT

"There were many things I learned today but I feel like there were so many little tricks from every section that were very interesting that I am excited to share with my staff Nellie had so many personal experiences that made it easy to understand and interesting."
Jordyn Haider CDP CADDCT

" I liked the resources" LCSW

"Valuable tips, prevention strategies, effective communication tips, best practices, resources and numerous techniques to enhance the lives of those suffering from Alzheimer's and Dementia." Care Manager

"Different ways to prevent exit seeking, different colors to use for signs and meals." Care Giver

"I learned a few new techniques to use." ED

"I learned the importance of continuing to learn about the constant changes in the senior living communities." Administrator

"I learned so much! Communication ideas, environment, activities, etc." Life Enrichment Coordinator

"Had no idea about elderly and sexuality, especially STDs on the rise, lots of great resources."

"Love the handbook and the resources listed."

"I found the program really opened my eyes to upcoming trends, needs and in dementia care including LGBT and growing cultural diversity." CTRS

"I learned specifically the necessity to continue to evaluate our programs and provide continued education to family and staff." Administrator owner


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer certification seminar
Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
May 20th 2016
Charlotte NC
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Danielle Micale VP Corporate Training

"Great information to share with staff about care of person who have dementia and family. Also good information about the demographics and the need for more education of our society and the changes that need to take place in our culture. Love the resource books given to us. Danielle kept us on target."
Kathryn Long VP Williams Adult Day Center

" I learned a deeper line into dementia in general, especially in regards to the environment recommendations section, nice new fresh ideas. Pleased with all areas of seminar."
Mary Ann Drummond VP of Operations Carilton Assisted Living

"I learned how to interact and talk to family members when admitting loved ones." HR Admissions Marketing

"Great information on educating staff, families, and communicated regarding s and s and behaviors and holistic interventions for dementia and Alzheimer's patients."
Jani Pavlicak

"How to educate my caregivers to provide the best care to clients with dementia."

"Ideas and resources for ways to better engage patients with dementia." Medical Social Worker

"lots of good information that I will use in developing orientation program." RN DON

"How and what to educate families on the approach. Danielle was awesome and highly recommend.!"
Jessica Miller Physical Therapist

"It was a great refresher but also I learned much as well as a great resource book." Director of Staff Development

"I learned the difference between diagnosing depression and dementia. Also the ball toss could be an infection control issue learned rosemary scents can stimulate seizures." RN

"I plan to look at the resources provided and implement new training techniques for dementia." BSN RN

"This seminar educated and enlightened me to new ways to approach caring for residents with dementia." RN DON


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer certification seminar
Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
May 10th 2016
Buffalo NY
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP Corporate Training

"I received up to date materials. Thanks for providing the training"
Owner President

"I loved the skits and the stories."
Bethany Village

"The best practices are too numerous to write here. I gained an immense amount of ideas from this seminar." Aaron Jackson Program Coordinator

"Ideas to implement."


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer certification seminar
Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Seminar ADDC
Seattle Washington
April 30th 2016
NCCDP Corporate Trainer Nellie Stolarz VP Corporate Training

"I learned a tremendous amount of information. I loved the sexuality section." Jennifer Merritt CEO

"Various aspects of Alzheimer's disease and dementia and all the information learned is applicable to my daily interactions in long term care." SLP

"I learned how to effectively deal with some behaviors and a better understanding of underlying issues, lots of good information." Jackie Burk COTA/L

"Both major and minor thoughts and ideas to be used in many aspects of my daily program. Pleased that it was small in numbers (attendance), low key (class) and comfortable and educational." LaRay Armstrong Life Enrichment Director

"There was a great deal of useful information that would be dramatically important to pass on to family members. It was good to have the handbook and all the references. Very comprehensive learning chapters."
Elizabeth Forman Serdar ARNP RN


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Seminar
April 28th 2016
NCCDP Corporate HQ Sparta NJ
NCCDP Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP Corporate Training

"(I learned) updated statistics, LGBT information"
Rose Suthina RN CDP CADDCT

"(I learned) diversity and cultuare, intimacy and sexuality"
Bonnie oglisci VP Customer Experience CDP CADDCT

"I learned how truly valuable the CDP certification is in the field"
Mala Deodhain LCSW DP CADDCT Director Of Social Work

"There wee great tols to implement in my program that touched all facits of topics, sexuality and abuse broader spectrum of information.

"( How will I use this information)Training my staff on my dementia unit"

"(How will I use this information) Teaching, training, educating, encouraging caregivers, employees, management and all who are interested."
Regina Pinkney ADC CDP CADDCT

"I learned so much new information to enrich our new memory unit. She presented the information so well. "
Dawn Lavoie CDP CADDCT

"I learned there was an increase in population of Dementia" RN

"Learned about medications and state regulations, great program!"

"I learned further about all aspects of Alzheimer's and Dementia but I feel that the sexuality portion of te presentation was very helpful."

"I learned about types of activities" Denise Cantoni RN

"I learned some helpful tools to bring back to my work and administrator such as programs to do day and night, 7 days and 7 nights per week. Also not to do balloon toss, volley ball toss,etc"

"I have a better understanding of consent for sexual behaviors in mempr care. Ideas for creating LE Boxes, spiritual care and daily living activities"
Torie Pendletn LPN

"Very thorough presentation learning so much but need to read the notebook and digest it all. Learned may new ideas and procedures."
Theresa Berry


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
April 18th 2016
Rochester NY
NCCDP Trainer: Danielle Micale VP Corporate Training

"I really enjoyed Danielle's teaching style. I appreciated how she integrated her grandmothers stories into the curriculum. I felt the content was very helpful."
Corporate Director of Nursing
Legacy Assisted Living

"I learned more about depression and delirium" Courtney Frost CDN

"I learned about the acronym DEMENTIA" Theresa Makin RN

"How important the environment can be to a resident with dementia. Seminar fantastic" Holly Richards Social Worker

"It was all good. I liked the statistics, the personal stories." Jennifer McKeown LMHC


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Seminar
March 17th 2016
NCCDP Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP Corporate Training

"I learned about end of life"
Director of Dementia Care Services
Pruitt Health

"I will apply the interventions learned in class"
Caren Rothschild MSN RN CDP CADDCT

"I will apply my knowledge about multiple assessments and ideas that I will implement at our facility."
Patricia Grant RN
Care Service Director

"I learned plenty of approaches and activities to do." Mirian Roberts LPN Memory Care Director

"I have a better understanding of seeing dementia through residents eye". Jenny Glenn

"Dementia patients lack the ability to retrace their steps" Dustin Cowan

"I learned interventions related directly to a patient who has dementia." RN


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
April 18th 2016
Grand Rapids Michigan
NCCDP Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP Corporate Training

"I already have my CDP certification. There were parts of each chapter I can apply to my staff in assisted living and independent living. Too much content and not enough time and that is a good problem to have" K Klockars AL CL Coordinator

"Will add information from Chapters 3 and 4 to training. Other chapters very informative as well. Very good seminar!"
Ann Spanke CDP CADDCT Nurse Specialist

"Very interesting, been doing this 26 years and I took notes!"
Liz Peters CDP CADDCT Director of Social Enrichment

"I really enjoyed the additional resources web sites, books, etc."
Director of Social Work

"Excellent refresher, great to hear new perspectives"
Social Worker

"Great options for redirection and techniques."
K Fuerstenberg LPN CDP CADDCT
Wellness Director

"I learned different interventions for working with PWD in order to respect rights in regards to sexuality"
Social Work Director

"Assessment knowledge better questions to ask upon intake."
Lauren Nova
Director Owner
Griswold Homecare

"General dementia knowledge and ways to handle sexual or aggressive situations."
Tanya Zarcecki Lead Resident Assistant

"Educate the new nursing staff on sexuality in long term care, expand my knowledge in different types dementia." Lenaida Pacma RN-BC CDONA LTC
Director of Nursing

"great tips to working with people who have dementia, will carry this to share interventions with my team"
Sara Vansteenkiste LLMSW
Clinical Specialist and Transitions Coordinator

"How and when to educate families and not to assume they know and fully understand dementia as well as what is important, words and behaviors are key to carry for someone with dementia." Holly Bailey Lead Resident Aide

"I learned about new science and research, thinking outside the box and in advance ie military and humanitude." Suzzanne Sholes Program Manager

"Elecron moving pets suggestions, waist fanny packs to put items in for them to have things to touch, ideas to have clergy visit" Chris Banbeek RN

"Suggestions to add measures to the environment to help calm and soothe restlessness, decrease walking behaviors ex rocking chairs."

"I will feel less guilty about helping our participants with dementia "live their truth". I feel like I am lying but I do them them live their truth. I would not want to hurt them with reality orientation."

"Hearing with an abundance of ideas on ways to engage residents and different activities to try"
Jessica Reich Lead RA

"I learned more about specific types of ways to address different types of Alzheimer's and Dementia Care." Nicole Astfalk

"Examples of how to show each team that are meaningful, the hand pulse, broken chain example"
Sarah Milanowski Center Living Manager.


"Being a part of NCCDP has been one of the best things I have done in a long time! To see the people light up with understanding through the training they receive is so uplifting. Even more so when they verbalize that they will practice differently now that they understand. Knowledge is power and helps to change the heart as well! Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to help others and for all the support you provide to help me be the best presenter I can be!"


NAAP National Association Activity Professionals
CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
April 19th 2016
Dallas TX
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Sandra Stimson CEO

"I really enjoyed the personal stories as inspirational and thought provoking. It is important to include your own stories to best reach your audiences. Great stories Sandra-also enjoyed speakers humor" Vanessa Emm BA ACC EDU ACBC CADDCT CDP Consultant

"I learned more about sexuality and aging that I will use in my teachings as a trainer. It was a great to be reminded of how to work with dementia persons. There were no aspect that were displeasing. I have enjoyed learning. Excellent session. I liked the dying session."
President NAAP

"I learned how to access man more resources, the distinction between Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care seminar vs. CDP class, exercises to incorporate into the seminar."
Colleen Keegan CADDCT CDP AP-BC
Director of Activities

"Use of skits to demonstrate and highlight specific points. I also learned I will need o learn to speak faster in order to cover all of the required material. I will need to spend some time in NJ. Presenter was very good about keeping participants on task."
Director of Clinical Operations

"The focus on policy and procedures was appreciated. The areas I benefitted from the included elopement, spirituality and the new resources such as MOST. The environmental survey."
Activity Consultant Educator

"Great resources, web sites etc. Will really be helpful In teaching."

"Will be using this information to train staff, to use this as a requirement for advancement up career ladder. I especially appreciated the section on the challenging topic of sexuality."

"The additional resources and reading suggestions were helpful and looking forward to learning more with it. The information about sexual behavior was great and I can't wait to take it back to the staff. I love education. I hope to begin with the company and then spread u and educate others."
Business Office Manager

"The number of additional resources is amazing and it will e increase the depth and breadth of knowledge that I have available."
Dementia Unit Manager

"More to be able to educate our staff. Great information. I have learned so much stuff. It was great."
Lajja Lantigua ADC ED CADDCT CDP

"The sliders were very organized and I am less stressed about the idea of givig workshops now hat I hae such an excellent slide package."

"I learned more about federal regulations and governmental process, various ways to deliver content and additional resources available online. I enjoyed collaborating with others from different states. Excellent training."
Care Giver Program Director

"I learned so much but what I gained the most was how to redirect and work better, closer with those with aggressive behaviors, such a universal issue with this disease. Also great information on being able to learn to read emotions and how to react. There were no aspects of the seminar that were displeasing"
Lillian Adrian ADC BS CDP CADDCT

"Sandra was very informative with the latest research and trends in the industry. I am glad I was able to take this course and to train others on Alzheimer's disease."
Director of Healthcare Services


As a trainer "Still have people still talking about Dementia after you've left the room".
Alistair Burns Clinical Director NHS England Dementia of 2020 ConferenceÂ


Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar CADDCT
Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Seminar
NCCDP Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP of Corporate Training
April 5th 2016
Houston TX

"Multiple useful resources that will be very beneficial to practice"
Tonya Tucker RN CDP CADDCT

"I learned about teaching points and handouts"
VP of Operations

"This provided great resources and tips for teaching. The course will be a privilege to train others. Thank you for the opportunity to train others. Thank you for an opportunity to learn and become a trainer."

"I learned about more activities to offer" Activity Director

"I learned about supporting the caregiver" CALA


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
March 22nd 2016
Omaha NE
NCCDP Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP Corporate Training

"This class prepared me to teach the Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar."
Terri Jo Goldsmith RN BC CR RN CDP CADDCT

"I learned about redirectional interventions, resources available, great presentation and trainer."
Tabetha Foster RN CDP CADDCT
The Christ Hospital

"I will take these topics and educate everyone in our health network and SNFs."
Deanna Combs Geriatric Program Manager
The Christ Hospital

"I learned about activities. I will take this information to share with my students to increase their knowledged and appropriate knowledge and appropriate care. Often I see students or CNAS respond in appropriated because they were not trained or havent been given the knowledge." Bing Boettner Health Science Instructor

"I would like to take back information and coach the staff. Thanks for the goodies." Margo Brockman DON

"All the advances and changes in the care facilities. Use more of the resources on the internet."

"I learned about different activities for dementia residents to help engage everyone on every level." Jessica Social Worker

"To improve my interview for prospects and intake on admission, better understanding for stages, meds, behavior management, sexual and the importance of educating the staff, families and clients." Stacie Conner DON

"A better understanding of dementia and different ways to afford my patients better care." Marlene Kupper COTA Nuero Rehab

"I learned about aggressive behaviors, intimacy, sexuality, will know about how to set limits." Akoueba Madgri RN Supervisor

"I am updating my knowledge, my last seminar was in 2007." Susan Hornbuckle RN

"I learned, The need for wandering committees and wandering policies and procedures."
Doris Wagner Director of Clinical Operations CSJ Initiatives


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer certification seminar
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
March 7 2016
Portland Oregon
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP Corporate Training

"Curriculum and presentation specific to the needs of Alzheimer's disease and dementia care staff and care givers. I recognize the greater need for screening at risk population.
Korman Healthcare

"I learned about new research, activities, communication. "

"I learned a lot and look forward to reading more." Christina McLaughlin Director of Activities


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Harrisburg PA
March 11th 2016
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Danielle Micale VP Corporate Training

"(I learned) support tools for families, loved the care giver bill of rights, I thought the seminar was valuable and thought provoking."
Judith VanDeventer CDP CADDCT CDCM Resident Life Director
The Charleston Senior Community

"(I learned) enhanced knowledged base on activities and end of life care. Danielle was excellent. She held everyones attention by sharing personal experiences. She also demonstrated, empathy and compassion towards those living with the disease and those of us caring for them."
Director of Memory Support
Cross Keys Village

"(I learned) Mnemonic for dementia to rule out pseudo dementias. I will use this on our memory care assessment process and cross over services (ccrc), importance of educating residents, staff, families regarding policies, sexuality, intimacy on LTC facility and care settings."

"( I learned) so many new things I feel even more confident than I already was to go to work."

"I learned about the different types of dementia. I will ask the facilities I to into why I only see dementia as a listed condition and why its not more specific. The type of dementia will help me in treating clients on a more individualized basis. While I appreciate the mjsic and memory program, this is not music therapy. I love how supportive Danielle is of music therapy as a treatment service online such as an interview with a couple YouTube, Music Therapy with the elderly. A tribute to Phil and music therapy comforts sooths those with varying degrees of dementia. Every center with individuals who have a dementia condition should have a board certified music therapists." Music Therapist

"I learned different dementias, mental health concerns, depression anxiety, stigmas about the disease. Being able to communicate this knowledge in addition to educating about music therapy at the facilities. I currently go in will help more people involved in groups and individual sessions. It will also help for me to advocate to use other interventions for agitation. Great job! Very informative!"
Kristeyn Beeman MT-BC Music Therapist

" I learned tons of resources! Hw to start off a new resident on the right foot, when they come on the unit. How to answer family, ,caregiver questions. New interventions for difficult behaviors."
Bobbi Jo Thmpson CTRS

"I learned dementia acronym to rule out pseudo dementias and asking DRs to look into and rule out everything in the acronym to more accurately help a resident needs to be met. Learned to not say goodbye, leave coats, hats and purses off unit for exiting the unit."
Kimberly Alford Dementia Unit Director

"I learned. The genes that can be tested for dementia to see if you have it. Its interesting to know that you can prepare for dementia and determining the difference between depression on dementia."
Stacy Milheim Community Liaison

"I learned techniques to better adapt my care to people with dementia. Very well done and nothing displeased me. Presenter was highly knowledgeable and prepared."
Linsey Lyons CTRS

"I feel I have a better understanding of dementia and hw to provide personalized care to my residents. I thought the presentation was excellent."
Sophia Filby Unit Manager

"I learned different strategies to handle certain behaviors, how to address sexuality with stff, importance of having elopement plan, different activities, stations to used on the unit."
Angela Giglotti Memory Care Director

"Great trainer, learned many things especially D.E.M.E.N.T.I.A and will be extremely beneficial in my position." Kristin Goldstron Executive Director

"A deeper understanding and knowledge of dementia and Alzheimer's successful interventions specifically for elopement and wandering behaviors related to disease. Importance of being proactive vs reactive. Will use this information for staff and caregiver education in the future." Marci Ozbold Speech Pathologist

"I learned emotions behind behavior, questions to ask during an assessment, emotional memory, wandering kits. I will take this back to my team to use for staff and family education." Adnrea Bechdel Recreation Director

"I learned practical interventions for assisting families in maintaining their family members. Excellent education for staff, words, elopement risk plans, sexuality awareness, etc."
Michelle Carpenter RN Center Manager

"Great handouts, seminar was excellent, saw much of this in the facility but now I know why the behavior occurred and how to care for the resident. It is amazing how just the simplest interventions an increase quality of life. Ok to talk about sexual needs of the residents because we are sexual human beings. Done very well."
Paula Rogers Nurse Educator

"Sexuality way t have communicate with residents. Nice to have a trainer what added personal experiences."

"About dementia, everything I should have been exposed to years ago when first employed in this field."

"Although not a specific topic, how to teach family and staff to respond to dementia related behaviors. I will use the information to develop the staff in my facility. We already have to respond to non pharmacological manner."

"I learned a lot about all the common types of dementia and hope to apply this to better understand my residents and help them thrive more in daily life and activities. I learned more about the validation technique and how to use it to help my residents. I als thank Danielle for talking about sex and sexuality because no one really is and she handled it very well-especially for the changing times ahead. The work books and notes are wonderful.
Erica Reinmiller Recreation Therapy Coordinator.

"Different techniques to deal with family members, new ideas and behaviors. Danielle is wonderful!!!!" Kristen Health Care Director

"I learned about genetic research going on, about so many resources. I am looking forward toapplying these concepts. What stood out was the way danielle brought her personal care giver, family experiences and her administrator experience together. I really appreciated how real Danielle was and how honest. Not everyone is so willing to share personal anecdotes or maintain personal identity. I could tell she was being herself."
Beverly Ponterio Connections Manager

"Like all the ideas, like the resource section.
Stephen Vozzella Director of Memory Care and Recreation

"That we need to bring in a crisis prevention specialist to the property and train our staff how to handle abuse. Hoarders hide things everywhere. Sometimes it becomes inappropriate for couples to be intimate. "Danielle Lentz Quality Care Manager Trainer.


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Seminar
March 12th 2016
Cincinnati Ohio
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP of Corporate Training

"All of it I enjoyed. I enjoyed receiving names of books that I can add to resources."
Heather Widney LNHA CDP CADDCT

"The sexuality sections, religion, resources available tools for different types of assessments I enjoyed"
Carolyn Thompson CDP CADDCT
Home Care Agency

"I plan to imitate this information, in-service within my SNF and assisted living communities.
Amber Johnson
Director of Social Services

"I learned so many new ideas to utilize when I go back to my facilities. I enjoyed all of it."
Teresa Demy RN

"I learned how to better the activities on my dementia unit and residents for quality of life" CTRS

"I learned more about triggers for behaviors that we are seeing in our buildings and how to remedy it." CAD

"Great information and resources"
Nancy Kirkham
Resident Life Coordinator

"I learned about life skills stations." Activities

"The entire training was great. Thank you. "

"Our initial assessment needs some changes. Our questions are very generic. We need to dig more into who the resident was and is today. I think we need to do an assessment as well as a past and present demographic profile." Elizabeth Davis ADPC


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Philadelphia PA
February 12th 2016
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Danielle Micale VP of Corporate Training

"Great source of information for reviewing Alzheimer's disease and Dementia, lots of good best practices shared, some new information on the disease process and really good information on environments and to take back to discuss with my administrator. I didn't really have any dislikes that stood out."
Erica Taylor CDP CADDCT
Alzheimer's Program Director
Transitions Health Care LLC

"I learned a lot more about specific policies the facility should have in place or may need to update. I found it interesting the different interventions for wandering and elopmenet."
Life Enrichment Coordinator
Crofton Care and Rehab Center

" I learned that the information I will be teaching can apply to everyone in our communities. My training typically involves nursing, but this is for everyone who interacts with our residents."
Victoria C Dedrick RN MSN CDP CADDCT
Director of Quality Education
ACTS Retirement Life Communities

"Wonderful over view of Alzheimer's dementia and best practices. Excited to start training staff. Excellent presentation. Danielle was positive, focused and very informative."
Operations Specialist

"The seminar will allow for me to bring new understanding and ideas on dementia care to my new staff members. To learn and understand from the top to better help all of my staff and team. The seminar was great."
Carnie Velliguette CDP CADDCT
Executive Director
The Ganzhorn Suites

"Appreciated being brought up to date on new policies and changes. Enjoyed learning new items such as using a red plate to put food on for residents not to use white bread as it looks like a napkin. Had never heard what skin hunger was."
Sandra Ziegler Caregiver

"The section on wandering, hoarding and elopement was particularly informative. There were lots of tips and recommendations that I can apply going forth at my facility. Everything was fine"
Todd Schappell

"It was beneficial for me to have such a thorough overview of how Alzheimer's disease and dementia present and progresses and how best to communicate with individuals most effectively and be able to share these things with clients in my private practice. This information will help me in music therapy intervention." Carolyn Lcantor Music Therapist

"I learned about current information, types of dementia and heredity and diagnostics. All very informative" Carrie Hehn Consultant

" ( I learned)That everyone can be involved in dementia care" Amelia Jabar CTRS

"I learned many different approaches to different behaviors that I deal with every day at my job. Nothing displeased me."

"I learned many things such as colors appropriate for dementia that will help me start my dementia program." RN

"I learned many practical ideas and many resources. My brain is full. " Activity Coordinator


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification seminar
Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Seminar
Tarrytown NY
January 29th 2016
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP of Corporate Training

"This was a welcomed addition to my current knowledge and helped to solidify my desire and passion to move forward in dementia training. The seminar was great."
Staff Development Employee Health QA Coordinator

"I learned new ways to teach the course"
Krystee Ryiz CDP CADDCT
Corporate Director of Memory Care and Engagement
Benchmark Quality

"I thought this seminar provided me with additional knowledge regarding current dementia care practices , interventions in addition to the knowledge base I already have. I will be utilizing this information when providing in services at my employer as well as when presenting this seminar."
Michele Kieras LCSW CDP CADDCT
Director of Social Work

"Lots of great tips and resources!! I will use this information to encourage and train others to become experts in dementia care. Thank you"
Melanie Barbieri CDP CADDCT
Regional Director of Programming and Engagement
Benchmark Quality

"Looking to open a new building with the hopes of adding a social adult day program. I learned a lot about making our environment more dementia friendly and safe. I also learned a lot of key points for developing successful activities and programming." Mindy Lesser BS RN

"I learned how to educate the staff" Jilian Acevedo MSW
Atria Senior Living

"The seminar gave me more understanding in dementia and Alzheimer's residents at my community." LPN

"Practical information to improve interdisciplinary knowledge cooperation in dementia care" Physical Therapist Assistant

"To much to state (I learned)" Jodi Adler Recreation Director

"I learned about managing aggressive behaviors and activities" RN

"I learned many creative ideas and attendees to implement can't wait to use in-services resources. Conversation about resident sexuality was thought provoking. Lots of good discussion! Instructor extremely knowledgeable. Jen Ackroyd LNHA


Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Care Trainer Certification Seminar
January 29 2016-
Trainer: NCCDP Danielle MiCale VP of Corporate Training

"I am taking the Train the Trainer course simultaneously, I learned several new things. Sensitivity training ideas Young onset and late stage, gene determinants, ow much dementia symptoms overlap with other diseases such as depression, hallucinations, delusion, delirium"
Constance M. Brasher MA CTRS CDP CADDCT
Resident Care Coordinator
Sunrise Senior Living

"I learned about culture, hospice care vs palliative care, sexual policy necessary for community wide."
Director of Dementia Services
Marquette RLI CCRC

"I enjoyed learning about delirium, dementia and or Elliotts dementia wheel." Activity Director

"I learned arious best practices regarding dementia, etc." Executive Director

"I learned about humbleness, you are a great presenter" I

"I learned that dementia is just an umbrella term for neurcognitive disorders." Social Worker

"I learned ways to meet clients, where they are at handle behaviors, learned the characteristics of different types of dementia" Case Manager

"I learned about hoarding, possible causes for hoarding. I am going to try and be more proactive instead of reactive and that behind every unmet need is emotions behavior need. I will be reading some of the student handout notebook and resources suggested." TRT

"learned about sexuality and intimacy. Danielle did a great job. I really liked Danielle reviewed every chapter before moving on."


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Seminar
Richmond VA
February 18th 2016

"I will use the training to help first responders and others so that they can take better care of our population (citizens) with dementia.
I appreciate most current information."

"Mrs Biot Gordon is bubbly and so excited to import information that is greatly needed. She is awesome!!! As a University of Arkansas newly certified trainer, I am exited to be able to use this information to train other health care professionals, first responders and even direct care workers. I also plan to use the what I learned in the care of my father who has dementia."

"Through obtaining this certification. I have learned new techniques to use in my educational career and daily life. I look forward to taking my knowledge back to my community and sharing with my co workers and providing educational seminars." Bethany Cheatham RN CDP CADDCT

"As a University trainer, this training will be most beneficial in use with our community, front line workers in this facilities in the community."
Brandi Schneider CDP CADDCT

"Will be working with First Responders to address their response to dementia patients"

"How to use this information for our front line staff teaching 1st responders." LS Willey CDP CADDCT RN

"As a University trainer I will use this training of our grant to train first responders."

"As an instructor I will use the research results, examples personal stories and experiences and new information to enhance my presentation."


Certified Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Kansas City KS
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP of Corporate Training

"I was pleased with activities"
Country Side Assisted Living

"I was pleased with the cultural diversity resources"
Kendra William RN wcc RAC-CT CADDCT CDP
National Director Clinical Education
Golden Living

"I learned how to lead a class"
National Director of Quality of Life

"I learned about tithe ways of addressing sexual situations and aggression. I appreciate all the resources given."

"I learned various non pharm treatments and techniques. Gives other treatment options to recommend." Bryce Morton PharmD Pharmacist

"Great ideas with new ideas for my unit at work. New ideas for activities" Jennifer McDaniel LPN

"I learned some programs and other things that I need to make sure my facility is doing. I need to see if we have a wandering committee." TJ Life Enrichment Team Member


Certified Alzheimer's disease Dementia Care Trainer Certification Seminar
Alzhieimer' s disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Plantation Florida
January 12th 2016

"I learned allot about resources in topics I feel will relate to the field. Very informative and engaging. Will find this very helpful in how I'd like to structure my trainings. Thank you for the books, will use! I could talk about this all day." Mariola Rodriquez CDP CADDCT

" I learned to many things to count. Great conference" Katherine Bradshaw RN CDP CADDCT

"All materials were beneficial to my career" LFN RAC CT

"Many resources to access to grow my learning. How to identify different types of dementia and other dx. I learned about identifying medications and side effects, assessments, interventions and really enjoyed it, nothing displeasing." OTR

"I learned about Neuedexta/ ABH creame, Creating moments of Joy, caregiver bill of rights, sexuality and seniors." Marketing Director

"Lots of web sites where we can go and get extra information and references to help." LPN

"Multitude of new ideas and items. Need to digest and will definitely give to my work employees." Director of Social Work

"Lots of resources to use with our community. " Executive Director

"helped refresh my knowledge" Social Service Director